Cantonese Culture and Society

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Sample pages of Cantonese Culture and Society (ISBN:9787562344643)

When Guangzhou City was expanded by Duke Yongjia (Zhu Liangzu) in 1380, the north city wall was extended to Yuexiu Mountain.On the top of mountain was built a five—storey tower, which was for suppressing the socalled Guangdong "King Potentiality" claimed by Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang, aiming at eliminating the future threats.Zhenhai Tower had been destroyed and re—built five times in the past.The current tower was re—built with reinforced concrete and replaced the wood frames in 1928.Zhenhai Tower is 28 meters high with saddle roof style and has 5 layers of double—eaves, red walls and geen tiles, which looks magnificent.The building's first floor is 31 meters wide and 15.77 meters deep, the thickness of the side walls is 3.9 meters and back walls 3.4 meters.The size of the tower is gradually reduced layer by layer; the width decreased to 26.4 meters, length 13.67 meters, the side wall thickness 1.65 meters and the back wall thickness 1.3 meters on the fifth floor.The steles corridor in front of the tower has a good collection of ancient inscriptions, and on the right hand side 12 ancient cannons are displaye
Cantonese Culture and Society