Calligraphy of Chinese Blessings (5 books set)

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Author: Huang Quanxin;
Language: Chinese, English
Publication Date: 12/2014
ISBN: 9787513807296
Publisher: Sinolingua Press
Calligraphy of Chinese Blessings, a companion book series to Designs of Chinese Blessings, is composed of five volumes: Good Fortune, High Salary, Longevity, Happiness and Wealth. There are 1760 examples of the five characters, 福, 禄, 寿, 喜, 财, collected in this series. In each volume, the characters are arranged in the order of regular script, running script, cursive script, official script, seal script and of the year when it first appeared. Each character is defined in both the Chinese and English languages and includes information on the year when it first appeared, its author and origin, as well as its style so as to make character reference and appreciation easier for foreign readers. Each volume in the series is bound by thread and packaged in a gift box, which showcases its elegance and profound cultural connotations. This series is an ideal gift for all those interested in Chinese language and culture.
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Sample pages of Calligraphy of Chinese Blessings (5 books set) (ISBN:9787513807296)
Calligraphy of Chinese Blessings (5 books set)