Business Chinese 20 Essential Topics

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Author: Huang Yinghong; Carrie Wei;
Language: Chinese-English
Format: Papercover
Page: 364
Publication Date: 03/1990
ISBN: 9781845700263
Publisher: Cypress Book Co.UK Ltd.
A completely new, exciting and highly enjoyable textbook for developing Business Mandarin skills and key Chinese cultural understanding
"Business Chinese 20 Essential Topics" is a tailor-made textbook for those who wish to learn Mandarin Chinese from scratch, for developing business links or doing business with China.
●Contains 20 of the most essential topics for conducting business with China
●Each topic focuses on language for a specific business situation/context
●Essential grammar and language points are simply explained for practical and easy use
●Clear and systematic layout stresses good communication skills practice and successful negotiation
●Key cultural information and first hand tips for business people in each situation, aiming to minimize misunderstanding or miscomprehension
●Real business illustrations accompanying the text
Business Chinese 20 Essential Topics