Beijing Statistical Yearbook 2009

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"Beijing Statistical Yearbook 2009" is a continuous publication of the annual large-scale statistics. The yearbook through a large number of statistical data, a true record of the past year, Beijing's economic and social development and changes of circumstances, people of all circles at home and abroad to understand Beijing, to know Beijing's important information tool.
Second, the body of this yearbook is divided into two parts - a selection of articles and tables. The first part was published in "Beijing 2008 National Economic and Social Development Statistics Bulletin," "on the promulgation of the average wage of workers in 2008, Beijing, the notice"; second part of the statistical tables, including an integrated, national accounts, population and employment, energy, resources and the environment, investment in fixed assets and real estate development and investment, finance and taxation, price index, the people's livelihood, urban public utilities, agriculture and rural economy, industry, construction, transport, post and telecommunications, wholesale and retail trade, accommodation and catering industry, foreign trade, tourism, finance and insurance, education, culture, science and technology, health, sports, social welfare, community, political and legal, and other tertiary industry, business survey data, the development zone, a total of 24 lines. For the convenience of the reader to use, each chapter pre-set up "a brief description of" the main elements of this chapter, data sources, statistical coverage, indicators and historical data aperture adjustment methods are described, the end of each chapter with a "Main Statistical Indicators."
Table of Contents
Selected Articles
  Beijing 2008 National Economic and Social Development Statistical Communique
  On the promulgation of the average wage of workers in 2008 Beijing notice
  A comprehensive
  A brief description of
  1-1 administrative divisions (2008)
  1-2 all the corporate, industrial activities, the number of units (2007)
  1-3 Enterprise Legal Person number of units (2007)
  1-4 national economy, corporate and industrial activities in all industries the number of units (by industry) (2007)
   1-4 Continued Table 1
   1-4 Continued Table 2
  1-5 the city's private and individual economic fundamentals
  1-6 year national economic and social development, the main volume and speed indicators
   1-6 Continued Table 1
   1-6 Continued Table 2
  Year 1-7 primary structure of economic and social development indicators
   1-7 Continued Table 1
   1-7 Continued Table 2
  1-8 the proportion of national economic and social development, and efficiency indicators
   Table 1-8 Continued
  1-9 Beijing on the 1st
  1-10 "Eleventh Five-Year" period, the main monitoring indicators
  Main Statistical Indicators
  Second, national accounts
  A brief description of
  2-1 GDP (1978-2008 years)
  2-2 GDP index (previous year = 100) (1978-2008 year)
  2-3 GDP index (1978 = 100) (1978-2008 year)
  2-4 GDP composition (1978-2008 years)
  2-5 GDP index (2000 = 100) (2000-2008)
  2-6 GDP
  2-7 parts of the emerging industry's added value
  2-8 GDP Expenditure Approach (1978-2008 years)
  2-9 accounting by expenditure approach GDP
  2-10 level of household consumption
  2-11 social labor productivity
  2-12 contribution rate of three industries (2001-2008)
  2-13 Three industry in boosting the region's GDP growth (2001-2008 years)
  Main Statistical Indicators
  3, population and employment
  A brief description of
  3-1 Population (1978-2008 years)
  3-2 five times the basic situation of the population census
  3-3 the total resident population (2008)
  3-4 resident population density (2008)
  3-5 resident natural population change (2008)
  3-6 level of education (2008)
  3-7 Number of Households and population (household registration) (2008)
  3-8 domicile population, sex composition and sex ratio (household registration) (2008)
  3-9 Population changes in residence (household registration statistics)
  3-10 residence of natural population changes (household registration statistics)
  3-11 family household size (2008)
  3-12 age group population
  3-13 population age structure (2008)
  3-14 Family Planning and
  3-15 employees in three industries and structure (1978-2008 years)
  3-16 employees according to type of registration (1978-2008 years)
  3-17 number of employees in urban units-the-job and wage total (1978-2008 years)
  -The-job workers in urban units 3-18 the average wage (1978-2008 years)
  3-19 employees in urban units (2008)
   Table 3-19 Continued
  3-20 of the national economy sectors-the-job number of employees in urban units (按隶属关系, registration type points) (2008)
   3-20 Continued Table 1
   3-20 Continued Table 2
  3-21 employees in urban units increases and decreases in (2008)
  3-22 number of employees in urban units-the-job
  3-23 employees in urban units-the-job total wages
  3-24 of urban units in the average wage of workers is
  3-25 of the national economy sectors-the-job workers in urban units average wage (2008)
   3-25 Continued Table 1
   3-25 Continued Table 2
  3-26 registered urban unemployment and the registered urban unemployment rate (1979-2008 years)
  3-27 vocational skills training and employment service in
  Main Statistical Indicators
  4, energy, resources and environment
  A brief description of
  4-1 energy production (2004-2008)
  4-2 million in total energy consumption and GDP energy consumption (1980-2008 years)
  4-3 by the three industry sub-region's total energy consumption and the yuan GDP energy consumption (2000-2008)
  4-4 integrated energy balance (standard volume) (2004-2007)
  4-5 Electricity Balance Sheet (2004-2007)
  4-6 energy balance (physical quantity summary table) (2007)
  4-7 total energy consumption by industry and the main varieties of consumption of energy (2007)
   Table 4-7 Continued
  4-8 energy consumption elasticity coefficient (2002-2008)
  4-9 per million GDP energy consumption (2002-2007)
  4-10 per capita energy used in daily life
  4-11 average daily consumption of primary energy
  4-12 in Beijing electricity consumption (1978-2008 years)
  4-13 and the use of state land area (2008)
  4-14 Water conditions (2001-2008 years)
  4-15 meteorological conditions (1978-2008 years)
  4-16 Meteorology (2008)
  4-17 landscaping and forest conditions (1978-2008 years)
  4-18 sewage treatment and sanitation (1978-2008 years)
  4-19 Drainage and water-saving
  4-20 Atmospheric Environment (2000-2008)
  4-21 Acoustic Environment (2000-2008)
  4-22 Environmental Protection
  4-23 Environmental
  Main Statistical Indicators
  5, investment in fixed assets and real estate development investment
  A brief description of
  Registration 5-1 by type of fixed assets investment (1978-2008 years)
  5-2 according to sub-total fixed asset investment in urban and rural areas, infrastructure investment and new fixed assets (1978-2008 years)
  5-3 by industry-wide fixed asset investment (1978-2008 years)
  5-4 Investment in fixed assets and funding sources (1978-2008 years)
  5-5 newly increased production capacity (or efficiency) (2008)
  5-6 the city's investment in fixed assets and construction projects
  5-7 the whole social infrastructure investment (2008)
  5-8 total fixed asset investment and introduction of new fixed assets (by industry) (2008)
   5-8 Continued Table 1
   5-8 Continued Table 2
  5-9 the whole social housing construction and completion of an area of
  5-10 real estate development and management (1990-2008 years)
  5-11 real estate development business (2008)
  5-12 Real Estate Development and Construction Company (2008)
  5-13 of commercial housing
  5-14 affordable housing
  Main Statistical Indicators
  6, finance and taxation
  A brief description of
  6-1 local revenue and expenditure (1978-2008 years)
   Table 6-1 Continued
  6-2 local revenue and expenditure growth rate and is equivalent to GDP ratio (1978-2008 years)
  6-3 local financial revenue
  6-4 local fiscal expenditure
  6-5 land tax, tax tax income (1994-2008 years)
  6-6 points rent tax income taxes, the completion of sub-sectors
  6-7 pm Tax tax revenue taxes, the completion of sub-sectors
  Main Statistical Indicators
  7, the price index
  A brief description of
  7-1 various price index (1978-2008 years)
  7-2 a variety of fixed base price index (1978-2008 years)
  7-3 eight categories the consumer price index (1978-2008 years)
  7-4 over the base period the consumer price index (2008)
  7-5 consumer price index (2008)
  7-6 retail price index (2008)
  7-7 Agricultural producer price index
  7-8 of industrial factory and raw materials, fuel and power purchase price index (2000-2008)
  7-9 ex-factory price index of industrial
  7-10 of industrial ex-factory price index (by industry points)
  7-11 of raw materials, fuel, power, price indices
  7-12 investment in fixed assets price index (2008)
  7-13 Real estate price index (1998-2008)
  Main Statistical Indicators
  8, the people's lives
  A brief description of
  8-1 people's basic living conditions (1978-2008 years)
   Table 8-1 Continued
  8-25000 basic conditions of urban and rural households (by income levels points) (2008)
  8-35000 urban and rural households cash income per person per year (2008)
  8-45000 urban and rural households cash expenses per person per year (2008)
  8-55000 urban and rural households per capita annual consumption expenditure (2008)
  8-65000 urban and rural households consumer spending, (2008)
  8-75000 urban and rural households to purchase food average annual expenditure (2008)
  8-85000 urban and rural households on average per year to buy clothing, living expenses (2008)
  8-95000 urban and rural households average annual household appliances and services, health care, transportation and communication expenses (2008)
  8-105000 urban and rural households per capita years of education, cultural and recreational services, other goods and services expenditure (2008)
  8-11 every hundred urban households owned the major consumer durable goods consumption (1978-2008 years)
  8-125000 urban and rural households the main durable consumer goods owned per hundred (2008)
  8-135000 the living conditions of urban and rural households
  8-14 living standards of urban residents (2006-2008)
  8-153000 basic situation of farm families (2008)
  8-163000 farm families average annual net income (2008)
  8-173000 farmers the average household consumption expenditure per person per year (2008)
  8-183000 farmers the average household income and expenditure per person of Food (2008)
  8-193000 farm families living mainly consumer goods, per capita consumption (2008)
  8-20 every hundred rural families have a major consumer durable goods consumption (1978-2008 years)
  8-213000 farm families each have a volume of 100 major consumer durable goods (2008)
  Main Statistical Indicators
  9, urban public utilities
  A brief description of
  9-1 basic conditions of urban public utilities (1978-2008 years)
   9-1 Continued Table 1
   9-1 Continued Table 2
  9-2 the city's central heating
  9-3 liquefied petroleum gas and natural gas,
  9-4 tap water and bring their own water source
  9-5 public transport and passenger transport rental cars
  9-6 of municipal facilities
  Main Statistical Indicators
  10, agriculture and rural economy
  A brief description of
  10-1 rural basic conditions (1978-2008 years)
  10-2 agricultural production conditions (1978-2008 years)
  10-3 crops sown and the afforestation area (1978-2008 years)
  10-4 total output value of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery (1978-2008 years)
  10-5 output of major agricultural products (1978-2008 year)
  10-6 to create an average for each employees in agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery production value (1990-2008 years)
  10-7 farmland
  10-8 Investment in fixed assets in rural areas (2008)
  10-9 conditions for agricultural production
  10-10 total output value of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery
  10-11 sown area and yield of main crops
  10-12 Forestry and Ganxianguopin Production
  10-13 livestock and animal production
  10-14 aquatic production (2006-2008)
  10-15 of agricultural sightseeing garden
  10-16 Folk travel
  10-17 kinds of industry production
  10-18 facilities, agricultural acreage and production (2008)
  10-19 basic conditions of township enterprises in various industries (2008)
  10-20 distribution of income and the rural economy
  10-21 of township enterprises in export supply
  10-22 basic situation of small town construction
  Main Statistical Indicators
  11, Industrial
  A brief description of
  11-1 large-scale industrial output value (1984-2008 years)
  11-2 Main Indicators of industrial enterprises above designated size (1978-2008 years)
  11-3 above-scale industrial added value (1993-2008 years)
  11-4 Industrial Products (1978-2008 years)
   11-4 Continued
  11-5 major industrial products in industrial enterprises (2008)
  11-6 high-technology manufacturing output (2008)
  11-7 industrial enterprises main economic indicators (2008)
   11-7 Continued
  11-8 industrial enterprises main economic indicators (by industry) (2008)
   11-8 Continued
  11-9 Analysis of major economic indicators of industrial enterprises (2008)
  11-10 state-owned and state holding industrial enterprises main economic indicators (2008)
   11-10 Continued
  11-11 state-owned and state holding industrial enterprises main economic indicators (by industry) (2008)
   11-11 Continued
  11-12 joint-stock industrial enterprises main economic indicators (2008)
   11-12 Continued
  11-13 joint-stock industrial enterprises main economic indicators (by industry) (2008)
   11-13 Continued
  11-14 Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and foreign-invested industrial enterprises main economic indicators (2008)
   11-14 Continued
  11-15 Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and foreign-invested industrial enterprises in key economic indicators (by industry) (2008)
   11-15 Continued
  11-16 medium-sized industrial enterprises main economic indicators (2008)
   11-16 Continued
  11-17 medium-sized industrial enterprises main economic indicators (by industry) (2008)
   11-17 Continued
  Main Statistical Indicators
  12, the construction industry
  A brief description of
  The basic situation of construction enterprises 12-1 (1978-2008 years)
  The basic situation of construction enterprises 12-2 Construction (2008)
  12-3 construction industry and labor productivity, total output value of construction enterprises
  12-4 major financial indicators of construction enterprises construction (2008)
   12-4 Continued
  12-5 construction completion rate of construction enterprises
  Main Statistical Indicators
  13, transport, post and telecommunications
  A brief description of
  13-1 basic conditions of transport, post and telecommunications (1978-2008 years)
   13-1 Continued Table 1
   13-1 Continued Table 2
  13-2 Social passenger and cargo volume (conversion turnover)
  13-3 transport routes
  13-4 roads, railways, civil aviation, the main technical and economic indicators
  13-5 civilian car ownership is
  13-6 Main Indicators of Posts and Telecommunications Business
  Main Statistical Indicators
  14, wholesale and retail trade, accommodation and catering industry
  A brief description of
  14-1 retail sales of social consumer goods (1978-2008 years)
   14-1 Continued
  14-2 according to the registration type of wholesale and retail enterprises above designated retail sales
  14-3 social business merchandise purchase, sales, inventory value
  14-4 wholesale and retail enterprise commodity purchase, sales, inventory value
  14-5 wholesale and retail enterprises Category Sales (2008)
   14-5 Continued
  14-6 wholesale and retail enterprises above designated product sales (2008)
   14-6 Continued
  14-7 Motor vehicle sales (2001-2008)
  14-8 wholesale and retail enterprises above designated financial situation (2008)
   14-8 Continued Table 1
   14-8 Continued Table 2
  14-9 accommodation industry above designated enterprise's financial situation (2008)
  14-10 catering enterprises above designated financial situation (2008)
  14-11 chain basic conditions (2001-2008 years)
  14-12 chain basic conditions (according to the type of registration, operating Yetai points) (2008)
  14-13 commodity trading market fundamentals (2008)
   14-13 Continued
  14-14 commodity trading market turnover (2008)
   14-14 Continued
  14-15 The main commodities commodities trading market turnover
  14-16 and handling consumer complaints
  Main Statistical Indicators
  15, foreign economic relations and trade
  A brief description of
  15-1 in Beijing Foreign Economic and Trade (1978-2008 years)
   15-1 Continued
  15-2 in Beijing Customs import and export trade volume (according to type of registration, mode of trade points)
  15-3 in Beijing Customs import and export trade volume (according to national, regional points)
  15-4 in Beijing Customs in the amount of imports of goods
  15-5 in Beijing Customs in the amount of merchandise exports
  15-6 Beijing operation of ports
  15-7 Number of enterprises with foreign investment projects signed
  15-8 Foreign-invested enterprises in the actual use of foreign capital
  15-9 opening of foreign-invested enterprises put into operation
  15-10 production and operation of foreign-invested enterprises
  15-11 foreign and Hong Kong and Macao enterprises in Beijing, a representative body
  Main Statistical Indicators
  16, the tourism industry
  A brief description of
  16-1 international and domestic travel (1978-2008 Year)
  16-2 according to the number of tourists to sub-entry tourist (1978-2008 years)
  16-3 in Beijing tourist spending composition (2008)
  16-4 The number of tourists in Beijing
  16-5 star hotel reception and operating conditions (1995-2008)
  16-6 star hotel operation
   16-6 Continued
  16-7 star hotel accommodation with conditions of reception (according to residents who are category)
  16-8 star hotel accommodation with conditions of reception (according to hotel star points)
  16-9 international travel agents in receiving and operating conditions (1990-2008 years)
  16-10 International Travel Service Outreach (organizing groups) and the reception of
  16-11 international travel organizations, travel abroad of domestic residents
  16-12 International Travel Service operation
  16-13 A level and above and focus of the activities of tourist attractions
  16-14 Olympic Games, Paralympic Games and the corresponding period during the tourist reception of
  Main Statistical Indicators
  17, finance and insurance
  A brief description of
  17-1, Beijing financial institutions (including foreign capital) deposit and loan balance (2000-2008)
  17-2, Beijing, Chinese-funded financial institutions in deposit and loan balance (1978-2008 years)
  17-3, Beijing financial institutions (including foreign capital) and foreign currency balance sheet credit
  17-4, Beijing, Chinese banks yuan of cash income and expenditure tables
  17-5 banks, insurance system, institutions and personnel (2008)
  17-6 stock market trading volume and insurance conditions (1994-2008 years)
  17-7 stock market trading volume
  17-8 Insurance case
  Main Statistical Indicators
  18, education, culture
  A brief description of
  18-1 education and basic conditions (1978-2008 years)
   18-1 Continued
  18-2 the basic situation of all types of schools
   18-2 Continued
  18-3 the city's students in higher education (2008)
  18-4 regular institutions of higher learning basic information in this specialty (2008)
  18-5 Graduate of the city's sub-disciplines (2008)
  18-6 of foreign students (2008)
  Division of Vocational 18-7 Ordinary (2008)
  18-8 Division of Vocational High School (2008)
  18-9 of-school education (2008)
  18-10 Kindergarten basic information (2008)
  18-11 Self-taught Examination of Higher Education (2008)
  18-12 special education situation (2008)
  18-13 vocational and technical training institutions, the basic conditions (2008)
   18-13 Continued
  18-14 basic situation of private education (2008)
  18-15 Conditions of Higher Education (2008)
  18-16 basic education conditions for running schools (2008)
  18-17 other provinces and cities, foreign students studying in the situation (2008)
  18-18 basic situation of rural compulsory education (2008)
  18-19 education and other sectors at all levels of income of all types of schools education funding
  18-20 education and other sectors at all levels of expenditure on education of all types of schools
  18-21 libraries, cultural centers, museums, archives conditions (1978-2008 years)
  18-22 museums and other heritage conservation governance institutions (2008)
  18-23 Public Library (2008)
  18-24 mass art and cultural centers, and cultural center of (2008)
  18-25 basic information archives (2008)
  18-26 professional art troupes, performing arts venues situation (1978-2008 years)
  18-27 professional art troupe (2008)
  Performing arts venues of 18-28
  18-29 culture and entertainment establishments (2008)
  18-30, Film and Television, radio conditions (1978-2008 years)
  18-31 units of film (2008)
  18-32 TV situation
  18-33 radio stations of
  18-34 Comprehensive coverage of radio and television (2008)
  18-35 newspapers, periodicals, book publishing situation (1978-2008 years)
  18-36 of newspaper publishing
  18-37 Periodical Publication of
  18-38 of Book Publishing
  18-39 Publication of Audio Products
  18-40 Publication of Video Products
  Main Statistical Indicators
  19, science and technology
  A brief description of
  19-1 science and technology activities and patent situation (1985-2008 years)
   19-1 Continued
  19-2 staff of scientific and technological activities (2008)
  19-3 municipal state-owned enterprises and institutions of professional and technical personnel (2008)
  19-4 scientific research institutions and personnel (2008)
  19-5 Institute of Science and Technology Association and the respective work (2008)
  19-6 to raise funding of scientific and technological activities (2008)
  19-7 expenditures of scientific and technological activities (2008)
  19-8 Research and Experimental Development (R & D) case (2008)
   19-8 Continued Table 1
   19-8 Continued Table 2
  19-9 colleges and universities of science and technology activities
  19-10 medium-sized industrial enterprises, the basic situation of scientific and technological activities
  19-11 local product quality supervision and inspection of the situation (2008)
  19-12 patent applications and authorization
  19-13 of technology contract
  Main Statistical Indicators
  20, health and sports
  A brief description of
  20-1 basic conditions of public health (1978-2008 years)
   20-1 Continued
  20-2 the basic situation of health institutions
  20-3 basic conditions of the city's hospitals (2008)
   20-3 Continued
  20-4 hospitals, health centers working conditions (2008)
   20-4 Continued
  20-5 city residents before 10 cause of death overall, the mortality rate and composition (2008)
  20-6 of the city's main health indicators (2000-2008)
  20-7 the city's seven children under the age of systems management
  20-8 the basic situation of Rural Health (2008)
  20-9 rural waterworks and sanitary condition
  The main venues of the year 20-10
  20-11 mass sports activities
  20-12 athletes, coaches, referees of
  20-13 Athlete Awards license conditions (2008)
  20-14, Beijing, athletes have been national champion List (2008)
   20-14 Continued Table 1
   20-14 Continued Table 2
  20-15 Sports Lottery
  Main Statistical Indicators
  21, social welfare, community, political and legal and other
  A brief description of
  21-1 special care and major items of relief
  21-2 Beijing over the years to participate in the social security situation (1995-2008)
  21-3 of social welfare services
  21-4 Adoption of the social welfare unit of the situation (2008)
  21-5 divorce, juvenile criminal perpetrators of
  Marriage registration 21-6
  The cause of the basic situation of persons with disabilities 21-7
  21-8 Employment of persons with disabilities, rights protection assistance of
  21-9, Beijing-related standards for the treatment of social security over the years (1994-2008 years)
  21-10 Co-ordination of the social insurance fund (2008)
   21-10 Continued
  21-11 lawyer
  21-12 Judicial Examination situation (2003-2008)
  21-13 conciliation
  21-14 Notary
  21-15 legal aid work
  21-16 Forensic work
  21-17 administrative cases, the courts closed, and concluded the situation (2008)
  21-18 Court criminal cases closed, and concluded the situation (2008)
  21-19 Court marriage and family, inheritance disputes, cases closed, and concluded the situation (2008)
  21-20 cases of contract disputes the court closed, and concluded the situation (2008)
  21-21 Court ownership and infringement disputes and other civil cases closed, closed situation (2008)
  21-22 for all kinds of circumstances of the case the prosecution (2008)
  21-23 against corruption and bribery, malfeasance circumstances of the case (2008)
  21-24 of criminal cases
  21-25 Fire construction (1996-2008 years)
  21-26 fire and loss of
  21-27 traffic accidents and loss of
  21-28 production safety in
  21-29 of earthquake emergency shelters
  21-30 Women's organization, as well
  21-31 construction trade unions (2008)
  21-32, Beijing, women's development planning, monitoring statistics
   21-32 Continued
  21-33 Beijing Children's Development Plan monitoring statistics
  21-34, Beijing, National People's Congress on behalf of the previous number of sex composition and the motion, the proposed number of
  21-35, Beijing CPPCC member previous number and the number of proposals placed on file
  Main Statistical Indicators
  22, the tertiary industry
  A brief description of
  22-1 key indicators and the proportion of tertiary industry the proportion of the city (2000-2008)
  22-2 tertiary key indicators by industry (2008)
  Trade in Services of 22-3 in Beijing (2003-2007)
  Trade in Services of 22-4 in Beijing (2007)
  22-5 above designated key indicators of tertiary industry (2004-2008)
  22-6 above designated key indicators of tertiary industry (by industry, by type of registration) (2008)
  22-7 third industrial enterprises above designated financial situation (2008)
   22-7 Continued Table 1
   22-7 Continued Table 2
   22-7 Continued Table 3
   22-7 Continued Table 4
   22-7 Continued Table 5
   22-7 Continued Table 6
   22-7 Continued Table 7
  22-8 conference and exhibition activities
   22-8 Continued
  Main Statistical Indicators
  23, business survey data
  A brief description of
  23-1 Enterprise (Group) main economic indicators (1998-2008)
  23-2 business climate index, entrepreneur confidence index (1999-2008)
  23-3 Enterprise (Group) main economic indicators (2008)
   23-3 Continued Table 1
   23-3 Continued Table 2
  23-4 Business Climate Index (2008)
  23-5 entrepreneur confidence index (2008)
  Main Statistical Indicators
  24, the development zone
  A brief description of
  24-1, Beijing Development Zone, the basic situation (2008)
  24-2, Beijing Development Zone, the completion of key indicators
  24-3 List of the Beijing Municipal Development (2008)
  24-4 Land Development Zone of Beijing (2008)
  24-5 types
Beijing Statistical Yearbook 2009