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Today's Chinese and English Version of Great Learning, Doctrine of Golden Mean, Classic of Filial Piety
ISBN: 9787512143524 | Published on 11/2020

Principles of 80x86 Microprocessors and Interfacing Techniques
ISBN: 9787512136458 | Published on 01/2019
This book mainly introduces Intel 80x86 microprocessors about internal structure and functions, and basic principles and applications. The main...

Culture Journey on China Railway Express
ISBN: 9787512150652 | Published on 07/2023

Financial Technology
ISBN: 9787512147140 | Published on 06/2022
This textbook is a practical new textbook jointly developed by the financial technology professional team of Beijing Institute of Economics and...

Structure and Maintenance of AC Drive Electric Locomotives
ISBN: 9787512148000 | Published on 09/2022

Fundamentals of Electromagnetic Field Theory
ISBN: 9787512148895 | Published on 03/2023

The Wisdom of Confucius: Today's Chinese and English Version
ISBN: 9787512143340 | Published on 10/2020

Theory of Practical Cellular Automaton
ISBN: 9787512137899 | Published on 12/2018
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Dynamic interaction of train-bridge systems in high-speed railway theory and applications
ISBN: 9787512135451 | Published on 05/2018

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