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Advanced Digital Signal Processing: From Theory to Applications
ISBN: 9787512437180 | Published on 03/2022
This book is intended as an introduction to digital signal processing, ranging from basic theory to state-of-the-art processing algorithms.The first...

Basic of Mechanical Vibration
ISBN: 9787512431492 | Published on 01/2020
This book mainly describes vibration problems for linear discrete and continuous systems inengineering. This book provides the background and...

Computer Culture Foundation
ISBN: 9787512408999 | Published on 09/2012
This book includes 4 chapte . They are basic knowledge of computer, introduction of operating system, Microsoft Office 2003 and computer networks....

Design, Fabrication and CAD for MEMS Devices
ISBN: 9787512421097 | Published on 06/2016
This book firstly introduces the pertinent fundamental theory, important material and fabrication process of micro Gelectro mechanical systems. Based...

Engineering Geology
ISBN: 9787116102446 | Published on 03/2017
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Essentials & Practices of Geographic Information Systems
ISBN: 9787512432741 | Published on 04/2020
This book is an introductory level GIS book. Its feature lies in that not only main basic knowledge in traditional GIS are included, like...

Finite Element Analysis in Engineering
ISBN: 9787512410183 | Published on 01/2013
This textbook presents the necessary concepts, principles and general procedure of Finite Element Method (FEM) which are primarily applied for...

Formation and Swarm Flying: Dynamics, Control and Design
ISBN: 9787512428775 | Published on 02/2019
The aim of this book is to introduce the novel approaches for the study of relative dynamics modelling, control, and design of formation and swarm...

Fundamental of Geometric Tolerance and Measurement Technology
ISBN: 9787512418424 | Published on 11/2015

Fundamentals of Information Theory
ISBN: 9787512419728 | Published on 02/2016
This book systematically introduced the fundamentals of information theory, focusing on the basic model of communication systems. It consists of 11...

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