Books written by "Zi Ying"

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Business Chinese for Begiener: Listening
ISBN: 9787560070377 | Publisher: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press | Published on 03/2008
本书是"新世纪商务汉语系列教程(初级)"中的听力分册。 该书编写对象很明确,主要针对已经学过一个学期汉语的语言生。...
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English-Chinese Analysis of Logistics Expressions
ISBN: 9787801655172 | Publisher: China Customs Press | Published on 01/2009

Introduction to Classical Chinese (with Answer Key to Exercises and 1 MP3)
ISBN: 9787561923788 | Publisher: Beijing Language and Culture University Press | Published on 07/2009
Level: Advanced This book is compiled for overseas students who are just beginning to study classical Chinese. There are 20 lessons altogether in...

Sample Test for New HSK (Level 3 Papers with Solutions)
ISBN: 9787301228760 | Publisher: Peking University Press | Published on 08/2014

Classics of Yunnan Ethnic Groups in English Translation: Zhaoshutun
ISBN: 9787222175051 | Publisher: Yunnan People's Publishing House | Published on 12/2018

China Public Policy: Business Environment
ISBN: 9787100210836 | Publisher: The Commercial Press | Published on 07/2022

Englsih-Chinese Translation Coursebook for Current Affairs: Text-Based Approach
ISBN: 9787501254637,750125463X | Publisher: World Affairs Press | Published on 06/2017

Ode to the Lotus: Selected Poems of Florence Chia-ying Yeh
ISBN: 9787513589246,7513589240 | Publisher: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press | Published on 06/2017
Chia-ying Yeh has devoted to teaching and research of Chinese classic poetry all her life and she it good at applying conceptions of Western...

Selected Poems of Wang Anshi: Bird Tracks in the Air
ISBN: 9787510468100 | Publisher: New World Press | Published on 10/2019

Selected Maritime Cases of Shanghai Maritime Court China
ISBN: 9787511827081 | Publisher: China Law Press | Published on 12/2011