Books written by "Xu Lin"

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Contemporary American Society and Culture
ISBN: 9787301344781 | Publisher: Peking University Press | Published on 09/2023

The Wisdom of Confucius
ISBN: 9787560086330 | Publisher: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press | Published on 06/2009
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Lady Wu (2 vols, in Chinese and English)
ISBN: 9787540460488 | Publisher: Hunan Literature and Art Publishing House | Published on 01/2021

Feiyue Intermediate Chinese: Simplified and Traditional Characters Volume 2 Student's Book
ISBN: 9787513801355 | Publisher: Sinolingua Press | Published on 01/2011
Feiyue Intermediate Chinese, a set of two student's textbooks and oneteacher's book, is intended for English-speaking students in college and...

The Art of Chinese Painting - Culture China Series
ISBN: 9787508516691 | Publisher: China Intercontinental Press | Published on 08/2006
Chinese painting can be dated back to prehistoric times and the earliest paintings of art were found on pottery pieces unearthed from several early...
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ISBN: 9787564005269 | Publisher: Beijing Institute of Technology Press | Published on 06/2008

Panoramic China -- Jilin: Tales of Changbai Mountain
ISBN: 7119045164 | Publisher: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press | Published on 01/2006
It is easy to have a quick look at China's past and present, but it takes time to gain a panoramic knowledge of China. The "Panoramic...

MCT Standard Course 2A
ISBN: 9787561963210 | Publisher: Beijing Language and Culture University Press | Published on 08/2023
Based on the Syllabus of Medical Chinese Test (MCT) and the Chinese ProficiencyGrading Standards for International Chinese Language Education, MCT...

Imperial Peking: Seven Centuries of China
ISBN: 9787560086378 | Publisher: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press | Published on 07/2009
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A Handbook of English Academic Writing
ISBN: 9787561272916 | Publisher: The Northwestern Poly. University Press | Published on 08/2020