Books written by "Wang Ying"

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Building Chinese Language through Listening and Speaking: Basics
ISBN: 9787562270225 | Publisher: Central China Normal University Press | Published on 05/2015
A companion piece to Building Chinese Language Through Listening and Speaking: Introduction, this book is suitable for learners that have preliminary...

China Railway Express: Great Ateries of the Silk Road
ISBN: 9787119118628 | Publisher: Foreign Languages Press | Published on 01/2020
About Author 王雄,is a member of the Chinese Writers' Association and a renowned scholar of Han River culture. Like much urban educated youth in...

College Physics Experiment
ISBN: 9787305229855 | Publisher: Nanjing University Press | Published on 03/2020

English-Chineses Medical Conversation (3rd Edition)
ISBN: 9787117221474 | Publisher: People's Medical Publishing House | Published on 05/2016

Today's World: Select Readings of Chinese Spotlight News (with workbook) II
ISBN: 9787301279731 | Publisher: Peking University Press | Published on 06/2017
Today's World is an ACTFL-aligned and theme-based curriculum aimed at helping intermediate learners reach the advanced level in...