Books written by "Mo Zhang"

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¿Dónde está el balón? (with MP3)
ISBN: 9787513802642 | Publisher: Sinolingua Press | Published on 01/2013

10-Minute Primer:Taiji Quan Exercises for the Office
ISBN: 9787119086248 | Publisher: Foreign Languages Press | Published on 12/2013

100 Best Chinese Classical Poems(Eng-Chin ed.)
ISBN: 9787101027976 | Publisher: Zhonghua Publishing House | Published on 01/2001
The 100 Chinese classical poems are mainly selected from the poems of the Tang and Song Dynasties and translated in English in the form of free...
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1000 Common Errors in Translation Between English and Chinese
ISBN: 9787532746538 | Publisher: Shanghai Translation Publishing House | Published on 01/2009

3 Decades at XMU:China's Most International University
ISBN: 9787561581155 | Publisher: Xiamen University Press | Published on 03/2021

900 Businesss Chinese (French)
ISBN: 9787566307910 | Publisher: University of International Business and Economics Press | Published on 09/2013

A Brief History of the People's Republic of China
ISBN: 9787508543086 | Publisher: China Intercontinental Press | Published on 09/2019
A Brief History of the People's Republic of China gives a concise, albeit full, account of the glorious history, great achievements and valuable...

A Business Trip to China - Conversation & Application vol.1 with 1CD
ISBN: 7561914547, 9787561914540 | Publisher: Beijing Language and Culture University Press | Published on 07/2005
Level Elementary, Intermediate Notably interactive, these materials introduce vocabulary that is fundamental to business and provide useful and...

A Century of Chinese Classic Movies: Shower (1 DVD)
ISBN: 16548746493 | Publisher: Beijing TV Art Center Audiovisual Press | Published on 09/1999
Soundtrack: Chinese Subtitles: Chinese / English Length: 89 minutes NTSC / All Region / DVD5 / MPEG-2  Shower (Chinese: 洗澡; pinyin: Xǐ zǎo) is a...
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A Chinese Women at Gestapo Gunpoint
ISBN: 9787119031590 | Publisher: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press | Published on 12/2003
Based on the true story of Madame Qian Xiuling and General von Falkenhausen, this novel is a remarkable thriller. Over sixty years ago,our heroine...
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