Books written by "Mo Yan"

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Teaching Foreigners Practical Chinese Grammar (Revised Edition) Answer and Notes
ISBN: 9787561933176 | Published on 06/2012
Usage Advice: Classroom instruction or self-learning Level: Intermediate, Chinese Teachers (TCSL) This book contains the answers to the exercises and...

Chinas Rot
ISBN: 9787119045337 | Publisher: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press | Published on 09/2008
Rot als Farbe des Lebens, der Liebe, des Glücks, als Schutz gegen bose Geister, als Zeichen der Tapferkeit und Starke und als Ausdruck der...

Illustration of Composed Acupoints in Acupuncture-Moxibustion Use (Chinese-English) (edition binding)
ISBN: 7532371360 | Publisher: Shanghai Scientific and Technological Literature Publishing House | Published on 06/2004
New edition available at...
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Ein Paradies für Schatzjäger –Der Antiquitäten und Panjiayuan in Beijing
ISBN: 7119041282 | Publisher: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press | Published on 01/2006

Trilogy of Chen Yan's Plays
ISBN: 9787569525618 | Publisher: Shaanxi Normal University Press | Published on 11/2021

Translation of Seleted Longdong Red Songs
ISBN: 9787569031652 | Publisher: Sichuan University Press | Published on 11/2019

A Teacher’s Manual for the Instruction of Chinese: Methods and Techniques
ISBN: 9787561952030 | Publisher: Beijng Language and Culture University Press | Published on 05/2018
专业的指导、技能的训练、方法的示范 《汉语教师专业技能指导手册》主要介绍了汉语教学的原则、技能和方法,其中包括如何上大班课、小班课、对话课及如何备课等的基本原则和常识,如何操练、提问等必备的教学方法和技能,以及语体教学、汉字教学、朗读训练等汉语教学中的前沿课题。...

Beijing Companion: The All-in-one Guide to Beijing
ISBN: 9787802253629 | Publisher: New Star Press | Published on 11/2008
With over 800 years of imperial dreams vanishing like a fleeting cloud, only the history of past ages remains, retaining perfectly its magnificence...

Begleiter durch Beijing-Alltagswortschatz Vokabel fur die Olympiade
ISBN: 9787119045078 | Publisher: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press | Published on 10/2006
This book is a practical aid for your stay in Beijing, whether for sightseeing, living or for the Olympic Games. It consists of daily words and...

Selection of Chinese Classic Songs (in Chinese and English)
ISBN: 9787559824561 | Publisher: Guangxi Normal University Press | Published on 04/2020
艺术歌曲 思乡 玫瑰三愿 踏雪寻梅 点绛唇·赋登楼 春思曲 大江东去 我住长江头 教我如何不想他 枫桥夜泊 爱人送我向日葵 多情的土地 望乡词 我爱你,中国 那就是我 思乡曲 民歌 在那遥远的地方 跑马溜溜的山上 牧歌 想亲娘 红彩妹妹 小河淌水 槐花几时开 阿拉木汗 玛依拉...