Books written by "Li Cheng"

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Beijing's Panjiayuan Market-an Oriental Goldmine
ISBN: 9787119041261 | Publisher: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press | Published on 07/2006
Beijing's Panjiayuan Market is China's largest garden of treasures. Here you will find calligraphy and paintings, jade works,bronze wares, porcelain,...

Chinese Classical Gardens
ISBN: 9787222027404 | Publisher: Yunnan People's Publishing House | Published on 04/1999
The Charm of Chinese garden has been appreciated by knowledgeable people around the world, both in the past and at a time of increasing international...

Read a little German every day: A selection of famous speakers from German-speaking countries
ISBN: 9787515917986 | Publisher: China Astronautic Publishing House | Published on 07/2020

Famous Chinese Gardens
ISBN: 756084023X,9787560840239 | Publisher: Tongji University Press | Published on 09/2009
中国园林的灵魂是“诗情画意”,即以如画之景,寄寓诗情和哲理。《中国名园:英汉对照》为造园大师陈从周先生所作,是作者对中国园林一生研究的结晶。全书 共分10篇,以深入浅出的文字评析了大江南北各类园林的风格,又配以大量精美的图片,从而把读者引入到景色优美、意蕴深远的高妙境界。

Légumes à la chinoise
ISBN: 9787505404903 | Publisher: Editions Aurore | Published on 01/1999
It introduces 32 dishes of Chinese home-style cooking. Modern people are usually too busy to spend much time shopping and cooking. This book provides...
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Say It in Chinese (2nd Edition, with 1 mp3)
ISBN: 9787802003989 | Publisher: Sinolingua Press | Published on 04/2008
Say It in Chinese is a Chinese-English handbook aimed at helping the English-speaking visitors to China get around with the language. The phonetic...
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Conversion Technologies for Biomass to Renewable Energy (No.6 of New Energy Frontier)
ISBN: 9787030447258 | Publisher: Science Press | Published on 02/2017

A Sence of Nature
ISBN: 9787508538808 | Publisher: China Intercontinental Press | Published on 05/2018
Harmony between humans and nature is the essence of traditional Chinese ideology and culture. “If one observes the Way of Heaven, and maintains...

Take me to Kunming
ISBN: 9787307065673 | Publisher: Wuhan University Press | Published on 10/2008

Experiencing Chinese: Sports in China Workbook (with 1 CD)
ISBN: 9787040231519, 7040231519 | Publisher: Higher Education Publishing House | Published on 11/2007