Books written by "Da Miao"

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Key Grammar Course of Chinese as a Foreign Language 1
ISBN: 9787550433076 | Publisher: Southwestern University of Finance and Economics Press | Published on 06/2020
《对外汉语重点语法教程(上)》从对外汉语教学的角度出发,选择留学生重难点语法句式为主要内容,打破传统语法教材“字典式”的讲解方式,呈现真实的课堂教学,用于指导考研、靠前汉语教师资格证考试、志愿者面试选拔考试等,也作为留学生专用教材,用于口语交际和HSK考试辅导。 About...

Essential Cultural Relics of China in Museums Overseas: Extant Dunhuang Paintings and Murals
ISBN: 9787508546179 | Publisher: China Intercontinental Press | Published on 04/2021