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Talking about China (III)
ISBN: 7119068733,9787119068732 | Publisher: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press | Published on 01/2011 | Reviews:
《一个西方人眼中的中国(3)(英汉对照)》既面向中国读者,也考虑了外国读者的阅读兴趣。这也是为什么《一个西方人眼中的中国(3)(英汉对 照)》同时涉及了中西方的一些情况。通过了解对方,我们才能更好地相互理解,更和谐地生活在一起。书的内容涉及交流、语言、行为、食物、建筑、教育和知识...

Tibet: Past and Present
ISBN: 9787108029553 | Publisher: SDX Joint Publishing Company | Published on 04/2008
Due to various reasons, some foreign readers know little about Tibet's historical evolution and its present politics, economy, society, culture and...

Traditional Chinese Auspicious Patterns
ISBN: 9787503218908 | Publisher: China Travel and Tourism Press | Published on 01/1999
In China, ritual words and patterns are popular with nearly every people and are used in the celebrations and assembles which are deeply rooted in...

ISBN: 9787507736267 | Publisher: Academy Press | Published on 08/2010
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Chinese Culture Reading in 1200 English Words
ISBN: 9787308138161 | Publisher: Zhejiang University Press | Published on 10/2014

Chinese Proprieties of Communication With 101 Illustrations
ISBN: 9787309084832 | Publisher: Fudan University Press | Published on 10/2011
Communication and cooperation between China and other countries continue to develop. More and more foreign friends come to China to study, work and...

Chinese Culture Foundation
ISBN: 9787566316097 | Publisher: The University of International Bussiess & Economic Press | Published on 08/2016

A Comparative Study on Chinese and Foreign Folk Cultures
ISBN: 9787564085452 | Publisher: Beijing Institute of Technology Press | Published on 01/2014

Appreciating Beijing Cultural Relics: Blue and White Porcelains of The Ming Dynasty
ISBN: 9787805013534, 7805013535 | Publisher: Beijing Arts and Photography Publishing House | Published on 06/2006 | Series: Appreciating Beijing Cultural Relics

Appreciating Beijing Cultural Relics: Folding Fans of The Ming and Qing Dynasties
ISBN: 7805013497, 9787805013497 | Publisher: Beijing Arts and Photography Publishing House | Published on 05/2006 | Series: Appreciating Beijing Cultural Relics
Editor's Recommendation 扇子在中国的历史源流很长,品类繁多。明清之际,折扇因其收叠自如,携带方便,扇面书画、扇骨雕琢,集器用与审美于一体,迅速流行,并取代纨扇成为主要的样式,成为文人雅士的宠物,出入怀袖之间,有“怀袖雅物”的别号。...

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