Chinese Culture Reading in 1200 English Words

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Table of Contents
1.Fifty-six Ethnic Groups 
2.Peking Man 
3.General Values of the Chinese People 
4.Chinese Etiquette 
5.Silk and the Silk Road 
6.Opening Conversational Topics in China 
8.Feng Shui 
9.The Cowherd and the Weaving Maid 
10.Nfiwa Created Man 
11.Butterfly Love 
13.High Aspirations 
14.Reading by the Light of Bagged Fireflies or the Reflected Light from the Snow 
15.Romance of the Three Kingdoms 
16.Chinese Fever (Part 1) 
17.Chinese Fever (Part 2) 
18.Academies of Classical Learning 
19.Covered Corridors 
20.Wedding Ceremony in China 
23.Peking Duck 
24.Manchu Han Imperial Feast 
26.The Face-changing Performance in Sichuan Opera 
27.The Huangguoshu Waterfall 
28.The Hukou Waterfall 
30.Nanchan Temple 
31.The History of Guilin (Part 1) 
32.The History of Guilin (Part 2) 
33.The Jingjiang Tomb 
34.Duxiu Peak 
35.Evening Bell at Nanping Hill 
36.Sweet Osmanthus Rain at Manjuelong Village 
37.Shadow Play 
38.Tea Ceremony 
39.Boxing from Dunhuang 
40.The Story of Qu Yuan 
41.Guo Shoujing 
42.Li Shizhen 
43.Liu Gongquan 
44.The Legend of Bruce Lee 
45.Jackie Chan 
46.Cultural Taboos (Part 1) 
47.Cultural Taboos (Part 2) 
48.Cultural Taboos (Part 3) 
49.Cultural Taboos (Part 4) 
50.Differences in Daily Farewells Between Chinese and Western People 
Key to the Exercises 
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Chinese Culture Reading in 1200 English Words