Approch to China Through a Culture Tour

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Table of Contents
The People's Republic of China
The National Flag of People's Republic of China
The National Emblem of the People's Republic of China
The National Song of China
The Capital City of China
The capital city of the People's Republic of China is Beijing

Chapter One Glorious History of China
I. A General Survey of Chinese Culture
1. The great power of juxtaposition
2. The great power of assimilation
3. The great power of perseverance
4. The great power of cohesion
II. An Overview of Chinese History
1. Legendary period
2. Ancient period

Chapter Two Chinese People
I The Han Nationality, the Majority Chinese
II. The Top Ten Minority Nationalities of China
1. The Zhuang nationality
2. The Manchu nationality
3. The Hui nationality
4. The Miao nationality
5. The Uygur nationality
6. The Tujia nationality
7. The Yis nationality
8. The Mongolian Nationality
9. The Tibetan Nationality
10. The Bouyei nationality
Ⅲ The Ethnic Minority with the Smallest Popularity the Lhobas Nationality

Chapter Three Landscape of China
I. Great Chinese Rivers
1. Changjiang River
2. Huanghe River
II. China's Geograplucal Superlatives
1. Four Plateaus
2. Three Major Plains
3. Five Great Basins
4. Taklimakan Desert
5. Temperature extremes
Ⅲ. Famous Mountains
1. The Five Sacred Mountains
2. The Four Buddhist Mountains
3. Four Grottoes of Buddhism
IV. Natural Resorts of Cluna
1. Mount Huang
2. Mount Lu
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China is the country located in the east of the world with a longhistory. As one of the oldest civilized countries in the world, China is believed to have a history of over 5,000 years. Chinese people are veryproud of the 5,OOO-year history of the motherland.
The achievements of modern archaeologists have presented that the origin of world civilization could be found in (The four civilized an cientcountries-ancient Egypt, ancient Babylon, ancient India, and China.)Nile River Valley, ancient Greece, Rome Empire, Mesopotamia Plain (the Euphrates Rv. and Tigris Rv.), ancient India, and, the Yellow River Valleyand Changjiang River valley. Nevertheless, as all have known, the ancient Indian culture was assimilated with the Aryan* tradition with the arrival of the latter around2000 B.C.
Approch to China Through a Culture Tour