Anhui Economic Census Yearbook 2008

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Economic Census Yearbook covers the basic situation of the various types of units, the second industry and tertiary industry, the number of types of units, employment, financial revenue and expenditure, assets, business mainly production activities, the main raw material and energy consumption, scientific and technological activities, etc. and individual business households and other aspects of the classification of information, including the province's industry, region, registration type and size of packet data, to reflect more fully the various units of organization, size structure and geographical distribution of production factors and , industry, distribution and so on. These data cover the range of previous incomplete conventional statistics, such as lack of content is not detailed enough, crowding out some of the historical data in the presence of water, more objective, comprehensive, detailed reflection of China's secondary industry and tertiary industry development, for the adjustment of historical data provides an important basis. The Yearbook of rich and detailed, national and local levels of government to master the conditions, the development of economic and social development planning important basic information. For business and industry, foreign and domestic investors to judge the economy to develop investment strategies also have a very important reference value. The scientific and authoritative but also to become research institutions, universities and foreign experts and scholars to understand China's national conditions, the study of Chinese social and economic issues essential information, but also domestic and foreign library collection will select books.
Anhui Economic Census Yearbook 2008