Africa: A Lifetime of Memories

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魏建国(WEI JIAN GUO), ethnic Han, was born in Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province in March 1947. He was formerly Vice Minister of Commerce, and is now Secretary-General of the China Center for International Economic Exchanges and a Member of the 16th CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection.Since 1972, when he began his career in foreign trade, he has spent 37 years engaged in economic and trade cooperation with Africa.His contribution to China-Africa economic and trade relations, and to the friendly cooperation between the two peoples, has been remarkable, and his many splendid achievements shine forth.
Table of Contents
Chapter One EARLY YEARS 
No Regrets 
A New Hand 
My First Experiences in Africa 
My Second Trip to Africa 
Becoming a Leader 
My Third Trip to Africa 
Incisive Criticism 
Exceeding the Billion-Dollar Mark 
Expanding Imports 
Wings over Africa 
Satellite Exports 
Miracle Anti-malarial Drugs (Part One) 
Mirade Anti-malarial Drugs (Part Two) 
Chinese Entrepreneurs in Africa 
ZTE and Huawei 
Exceeding the One-Hundred-Billion Mark 
Selfless Dedication 
Angels in Aid of Africa 
Teach Them How to Fish 
Model Buildings 
An Excellent Team 
Young People in Exotic Lands 
Agricultural Assistance to Africa (Part One) 
Agricultural Assistance to Africa (Part Two) 
Preferential Loans 
Chapter Three COOPERATION 
Sincere Cooperation 
A Spirit of Teamwork 
The Mall Phenomenon 
Deep Sea Fisheries 
Desert Lights 
Hydropower Development 
Copper Mine Development 
China-Africa Special Economic Zones 
Innovation in Cooperation Measures 
Contributing to Local Communities 
African Affection towards China 
My Good Friend Jean Ping 
Dialogue with Egypt 
Forum on China-Africa Cooperation 
Guaranteeing Implementation 
Building a Harmonious World 
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I grew up in Nanjing, known as "a city of mountains and forests" by the Yangtze River, and a city that offers resplendent natural scen- ery of hills and waters within its walls, and a graceful landscape of trees and springs in its busy streets. Speaking of the beautiful scen- ery in the province of Jiangsu where Nanjing is located would im- mediately call to mind the graceful Jinshan Mountain, the majestic Jiaoshan Mountain, and the Beigu Mountain, inspiration to genera- tions of ancient poets. My dreams should have been set along a roll- ing river like the Yangtze, or in a town south of the Yangtze dotted with small bridges over a flowing river lined by charming houses or apricot blossoms in spring rain. As a teenager, I was confused by this Arab world that appeared in my dream. Although my rationalist world view prevented me from believing in superstitions, I could not help wondering if this dream had some meaning. It was a remarkable coincidence that, years later, I found myself in Casablanca, which bore a striking resemblance to the visions of my dream. I was filled with excitement, wondering if this was a destiny that had somehow been predetermined by fate. In any case, I made up my mind to pur- sue my career here and repay my hometown for its nurture and my country for its education, both of which had helped me mature into a capable man. 
To get to grips with the work at the Commercial Section as quick- ly as possible, I spent a lot of time familiarizing myself with the local economy, commerce, and trade, and with other local circumstances. I was mainly responsible for assisting my superiors in receiving guestsand introducing to Morocco Chinese products and the Chinese Export Commodities Fair (Canton Fair). I also went out with my colleagues to do field work. As I progressed, my knowledge of the geography, economy and politics of Morocco, and the history of its ties with China, all grew steadily.
Africa: A Lifetime of Memories