A Textbook on English-Chinese Translation

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Table of Contents
第一章 翻译的基本知识篇
第一节 翻译的类型
第二节 东西方学者论翻译
第三节 翻译的方法论
第四节 翻译的过程

第二章 翻译的理解篇
第一节 理解与词汇研究
第二节 理解与句法分析

第三章 翻译的技巧篇
第一节 拆译
第二节 转换
第三节 精简与增补
第四节 实译与虚译
第五节 褒译与贬译
第六节 倒译与顺译
第七节 反译
第八节 被动式的翻译
第九节 数字和倍数的翻译

第四章 翻译的文采篇
第一节 巧用中国古代诗文典籍词语、句法
第二节 巧用汉语四字格词语
第三节 巧用汉语习惯语
第四节 巧译英语意美、音美、形美
第五节 巧译电影片名

第五章 翻译的文化篇
第一节 文化差异与表达差异
第二节 直译、归译与译语文化因素的介入
第三节 英汉亲属词称谓的文化差异性及汉译处理
第四节 翻译的意识形态影响

第六章 翻译的语篇
第一节 报刊语篇的翻译
第二节 文学语篇的翻译
第三节 科技语篇翻译

第七章 八级英译汉试卷评析篇
第一节 简介
第二节 试卷评析
第三节 亟待加强的几个问题

第八章 翻译写作篇
第一节 汉语的表达优势和行文特点
第二节 翻译写作论
第三节 译文写作的格式规范
第四节 译文修改
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Sample pages of A Textbook on English-Chinese Translation (ISBN:7301112777,9787301112779)

I AM GIMPEL the fool.I don’t think myself a fool.On the contrary.But that’S what folks call me.They gave me the name while 1 was stillin sch001.I had seven names in all:imbecile, donkey,flax-head,dope,glump,ninny,and f001.The last name stuck.What did my foolishness consist of?1 was easy to take in.They say,“Gimpel,you know the rabbi’S wife has been brought to childbed?”So I skipped sch001.Well,it turned out to be a lie.How was I supposed to know?She hadn’t a big belly.But I never looked at her belly.Was that really SO foolish?The gang laughed and heehawed,stomped and danced and chanted a good-night prayer.And instead of the raisins they give when a woman’S lying in;they stuffed my hand full of goat turds.1 was no weakling.If I slapped someone he’d see all the way to Cracow.But I’m really not a slugger by nature.I think to myself:Let it pass.So they take advantage of me.
I was coming home from sch
ol and heard a dog barking.I’m not afraid of dogs,but of course I never want to start up with them.0ne of them may be mad,and if he bites there’s not a Tartar in the world who can help you.So I made tracks.Then I looked around and saw the whole market-place wild with laughter.1 was no dog at all but Wolf Leib the Thief.How was I supposed to know it was he?It sounded like a howling bitch.
When the pranksters and leg-pullers found that 1 was easy to fool,every one of them tried his
uck with me.“Gimpel,the Czar is coming to Frampol;Gimpel,the moon fell down in Turbeen;Gimpel,little Hodel Furpiece found a treasure behind the bathhouse.” And I like a golem I believed everyone.In the first place,everything is possible,as it is written in the Wisdom of the Fathers.I’ve forgotten Just now.Second,I had to believe when the whole town came down on me!If I ever dared to say,“Ah,you’re kidding!” there was trouble.People got angry.“What do you mean!You want to call everyone a liar?”What was I to do?I believed them,and I hope at least that did them some good.
A Textbook on English-Chinese Translation