A New Account of Tales of the World (2 Vol.s)

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Language: Chinese-English
Format: Hardcover
Page: 794
Publication Date: 12/2007
ISBN: 9787101057133
A New Account of Tales of the World was edited and compiled by Liu Yiqing, who lived in Liu-Song of the Southern and Northern Dynasties Period. The major part of his book is the collections of words and deeds by then intellectuals and celebrities who flourished in the period of time, starting from the late Eastern Han to Eastern Jin Dynasty. In accordance with the characteristics of their content, all the selected pieces were classified into thirty-six categories which namely include "Virtuous Conduct", "Speech and Conversation", "Affairs of State", etc. By employing a unique style featured with elaborate diction of conciseness but deep implication, the author gives his attention to the proper choice of typical details and representative deeds and words, which as a whole , realistically depicts the social and intellectual scenery of Wei and ]in Dynasties, and presents a vivid picture of the livings of people from all walks of life at that time. Anyway, the book reads lifelike, yet with some lingering charm.
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A New Account of Tales of the World (2 Vol.s)