A Flock in the Wilderness

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In this collection are six stories by the well-known woman writer Chi Zijian from China's Northeast. Set against a unique background of the Heilongjiang River valley, the stories describe the people, customs and atmosphere in the Northeast, her deep impression of her childhood spent with her grandmother and her keen sense and observation of the life there. Her descriptions are worked in a style that is at once simple and straightforward, vigorous and intelligent, vivid and lifelike.

Chi Zijian was born in Mohe on the Lantern Festival in 1964. She graduated from the Daxinganling Teachers School in 1984 and studied at the graduate-training class jointly sponsored by Beijing Normal University and Lu Xun Literature Institute. Since graduation in 1990 she's been working in the Heilongjiang Provincial Writers Association. She started her writing career in 1983 and became known for her A Fairy Tale in North Pole Village in 1986. She has published nearly four million characters. Her major works include the full-length novel Under the Tree, In the Vast Country of the North and A Fairy Tale in North Pole Village. She's now a member of the Chinese Writers Association.
Table of Contents
The River Rolls By
A Flock in the Wilderness
Beloved Potatoes
Lost in the Ox Pen
Silver Plates
Bathing in Clean Water
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A Flock in the Wilderness