A Collection of Chinese Classic Jokes

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Author: Zheng Xiaoxian; Yuan Xiaojin;
Language: English
Page: 137
Publication Date: 01/2011
ISBN: 7119067567,9787119067568
Publisher: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press
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Emperor Shizu of the Song Dynasty(960-1 279)said to hisminister Liu Deyuan,“I'll give you a great reward if you weep formy empress’S death.”Liu cried loudly at once,beating his chestand stamping his feet,with tears and mucus mixed on his face.Theemperor was overjoyed and rewarded him to be the mayor of Yuzhou.Later,someone asked Liu,“How were you able to shed your tears sosuddenly?”“Oh,I jUSt cried for my deceased concubine that day,”answered Liu.
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A Collection of Chinese Classic Jokes