A Chinese-English Dictionary of Chinese Philosophy (Revised Edition)

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meng zf zi yi shQ zheng孟子字义疏证A Commentary on the Meanings of Terms in The Book of Master Meng DAlso translated as Explanation ofthe Meanings ofTerms in The Book ofMasterMeng,it is a work of three volumes by Dai Zhen of the Qing Dynasty.The writ-ing expounds such important terms as the Way,principle,human nature and humanity,righteousness,propriety,and wisdom.Dai interpreted in the book the Way as the activity of nature as shown in the interaction of the vin and yang forces and the five elements.In the natural world it dis-plays continuous change,resulting in the unending production and repro-duction of life.To Dai,principle is nothing but the order of things and principles of things can only be found in things and studied objectively.Dai opposed vigorously in the book the Neo-Confucian views on Heaven-ly principle and human desires.He held that principle is inherent in the desires and principle can never prevail when desires are not satisfied,and that desires should not be wholly obliterated but made fewer.See doi zhen戴震.meng灯bT ton梦溪笔谈Notes Taken in the Mengxi Garden GAl一SO translated as Dream Pool Essays by some scholars,it is a work by Shen Kuo of the Northern Song Dynasty.It was thus entitled because it was written in the Mengxi Garden of Runzhou(in the area of present Zhenjiang,Jiangsu Province)where Shen lived after AD 1088 or so.Shen was a scholar of exceptionally broad scope and an eminent states-man.In the performance of his official duties he traveled a great deal throughout the country and quite an amount of data and information in the work were the results of the author'S observation and reflection during the conrse of his ioumeys.The book contains over 500 notes in different si-zes.The range of the sunects touched upon is extraordinarily wide:his-torical events,biographies,affairs of state government,system of state examinations,philosophy,music,painting,calligraphy and many other.

A Chinese-English Dictionary of Chinese Philosophy (Revised Edition)