2019 China Agricultural and Rural Development Report

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Table of Contents
Executive Summary of Agricultural Development in 2018
Rural Industrial Development
General Situation
Crop Production
Animal Husbandry
Veterinary Services
Forestry and Grassland
Crop Seed Industry
Land Reclamation
Agricultural Mechanization
Feed Industry
Agro-product Processing
Industrialized Operations of Agriculture
Leisure Agriculture and Rural Tourism
Agro-product Prices and Markets
Agro-product Imports and Exports
Agricultural Market System Construction
Agricultural Informatization
Agro-product Quality and Safety Supervision
Crop Disease and Pest Prevention and Control
Agrieultural Disasters
Nationnl Modern Agricultural lndustrial Park and National Modern
Agriculture Demonstratiom Area Construction
Agriculturnl Scientlie Retenrch, Generalization and Education
Agricultural Administrutive Capacity Building
Agricultural lntermational Cooperation and Exchange
Beautiful and Livable Countryside Construction
General Situation
Strengthen Rural Planning
Rural Residence Governance
Rural Electric Power Development
Rural Traffic Construction
Rural Housing Construction
Protection and Improvement of Quality of Cultivated Land
Agricultural and Rural Water Conservancy Construction
Agricultural Resources and Environment Protection
Protection of Aquatic Life Resources and Aquatic Ecological Restoration
Rural Civilization Construction
General Situation
Strengthen the Development of Ideology in Rural Areas
Preserving the Outstanding Rural Traditional Culture
Rural Cultural Undertakings
Enrich the Spiritual and Cultural Life of Farmers
Rural Governance
General Situation
Strengthening the Construction of Rural Grassroots Party Organizations
Building the Rural Governance System
Enhance Agricultural Legal Construction
Building a Workforce Dedicated to the "Three Rural Issues"
Income and Living Conditions in Rural Areas
General Situation
Rural Population and Employment
Income and Consumption of Rural Residents
Poverty Alleviation and Development in Rural Areas
Rural Education
Rural Health Care
Rural Social Security
“Three Rural Issues” Policy Implementation Situation
General Evaluation
Financial Support in Agriculture
Deeply I mplement Food Crop production Strategy Based on Farmland Management and
Technological Application
Develop Agriculture Through High Quality Development
Rural Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Industry Integrated Development
Promote the Green Development of Agriculture
Confirmation, Registration and Certification of Rural Land Contracting and Management Rights
Reform of Rural Land Acquisition,Collective Operation Construction Land Entering Market,and Homestead System
Reform on Rural Collective Property Rights System
Cultivate and Develop Households Farms
Pro moting the Development of Farmers'Cooperatives
Develop Different Forms of Appropriately Scaled-up Operations
Rural Labor Transfer
Rural Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Improve the Operation and Control policies of Important Agro-products
Promoting Comprehensive Reform on Agricultural Water Price
Deepening Rural Financial Reform
Deepening the Reform of the Land Reclamation
Grass-root Agricultural Technology Promotion System Reform and Construction
Construction of Rural Reform Pilot Areas
Agricultural and Rural Development Outlook
Development Goals and Tasks
Conditions Facing Agricultural and Rural Development
Trends and Judgments
2018 Agricultural and Rural Chronicle of Events
2019 China Agricultural and Rural Development Report