2005 Annual Report on China's Sportswear Industry

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The China sportwear industry unprecedented prosperity, the competition also develops along with it intensely. Along with the economical development and the lives of the people level enhancement, our country inhabitant sportwear consumption level gradually will grow, also our country sportwear will have the stronger competitive ability in the international market, the sportwear industry prospects for development is attractive. Facing this attractive market, how should our country sportwear enterprise struggle.

This research report report has analyzed the China sportwear market development present situation and the development characteristic, the sportwear sale situation, the sportwear with emphasis produces the regional distribution situation, the sportwear import and export situation, the China sportwear market competition pattern, the sportwear market development tendency and so on. Thoroughly has analyzed the Olympics clothing demand overall scale and the European and American various countries demand special details. Also thoroughly has analyzed the China sportwear market overall demand scale, and to local the and so on Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu sportwear market entered a more further analysis. At the same time, in view of the sportwear profession present situation, has made the related forecast to the Olympics clothing market development tendency as well as the future Olympics clothing market hot topic. This report in the union concerned expert, in the massive thorough investigation situation, at present the sportwear favorite for investors question as well as the sportwear the development tendency has future made the constructive forecast to our country. Moreover, in the foundation which summarizes to the sportwear enterprise market strategy proposed the new action, provides the strategic aspect for the new market competition the instruction.

Table of Contents

The first part Relevant definitions and investment characteristics

Chapter one Relevant definitions and investment characteristics of sportswear market 23

Section one Relevant definition and classification of sportswear market 23

First, concept of sportswear 23

Second, the kinds of sportswear 26

Section two Characteristic of the sportswear 27

Section three Investment characteristic of sportswear market 32

First, definition of sportswear trade 32

Second, investment characteristic of sportswear trade 32

The second part Analysis of current situation of the development of market

Chapter two Current situation of the development of sportswear market 38

Section one Analysis of current situation of the development of trade of sporting goods of our country 38

First, current situation of the development of sporting goods industry of our country 39

Second, seize the opportunity, promote the industry of the sporting goods to shift 43

Third, new growth engines of sport of our country 44

Fourth, choose the breach, hit out the international market voluntarily 46

Fifth, thinking of development of sporting goods industry of our country after " entry to WTO " 49

Section two Development overview of sportswear market of the world 54

First , the current situation and state of development of sportswear market of the world 54

Second, distribution pattern of sportswear market of the world 57

Third, analysis of the surface fabric of many kinds of sportswears 59

Section three Current situation of development of Chinese sportswear market 64

First, development analysis of sportswear and cansualwear trade of our country 64

Second, development characteristic of Chinese sportswear market of the present stage 65

Third, the distributed pattern of Chinese sportswear 77

Four, 2004-2005 Antaual Chinese sportswear marketing analysis 81

Fifth, existing problem and development of Chinese sportswear market 85

Section four Disparity of domestic brand and the world brand of sportswear 90

First, the advertisement advocates being exaggerating, the marketing tactics are single 91

Second, lack effective brand strategical planning 92

Third, technology lacks innovation , function interests are not strong 93

Fourth, the product line is too long, lack the professional and leading products 94

Fifth, the sports brand is supported , lack the communicate with the goal colony in an all-round way 95

Sixth, the design is single , the style is upgraded too slow, the craft lags behind and does not unify with the specification 96

Chapter three Imports and exports analysis of Chinese sportswear 97

Section one The imported analysis of Chinese sportswear 99

First, sportswear import situation 99

Second, import situation of sports shoes 101

Section two The export analysis of Chinese sportswear 102

First, sportswear export situation 102

Second, export situation of sports shoes 104

Third, competitiveness analysis of international and Chinese market of sportswear and sports shoes 104

Fourth, the exports existing problem and counter-measure of sportswear of our country 106

Section three The trade barrier and counter-measure of Chinese sportswear exports 109

First, the Chinese sportswear exports trade barrier analysis 109

Second, countermeasure that Chinese sportswear enterprises expand export 110

Third, the tactics analysis that how to deal with the export trade barrier of sportswear 114

Fourth, enterprise's export faces the new-type trade barrier 117

Chapter four Main analysis of export market of the Chinese sportswear 119

Section one Japanese sportswear market in 2004-2005 119

First, analyse the Japanese clothing market situation, open up the new thinking to Japanese 119

Second, Japanese sportswear market in 2004-2005 120

Third, demand trend of the products of 2004 - 2005 of sportswear 122

Fourth, Japanese sportswear surface fabric market 123

Section two North American sportswear market 124

First, 2004-2005 Antaual American sportswear market 124

Second, 2000-2004 Antaual Canadian sportswear market 135

Section three European Union and British sportswear market 145

First , European Union clothing , sportswear market analysis 145

Second, German sportswear market 152

Third, French sportswear market 154

Fourth, Italian sportswear market 160

Section four British sportswear market in 2002-2004 161

First, British sportswear fashion trend 161

Second, British sportswear market situation 161

Third, British resident's sportswear consumption habit 163

Fourth, prospect of British sportswear market of 2005 164

Fifth, the women's clothing of British sportswear market show one's talent in 2004 164

Sixth, seven major tendencies of the British clothing market at present 167

Section five Sportswear markets of other countries 174

First, S.Korean sportswear market 174

Second, Australian sportswear market 176

Third, Russian sportswear market 182

Chapter five Requirement forecasting of sportswear market 187

Section one Prediction that the sportswear market demand in the world 187

First, the sportswear market of the world increases year by year 187

Second, the sportswear trade develops pattern of the world the new change arises in the future 192

Third, demand analysis of outdoor sportswear 192

Fourth, the sporting goods cast the sight on the woman 197

Section two The development and supply trend of the world sportswear and surface fabric 199

First, popular tendency of sportswear in 2005-2006 199

Second, developing direction of the sportswear surface fabric 201

Third, In 2005-2006 sportswear surface fabric fashion trend 202

Section three Factor influencing demand of the sportswear 205

First, the main factor which influences the demand of sportswears to guide that the product is subdivided 205

Second, the second main factor analysis of the influence demand 205

Third , the most direct motive force of consumers' demand 206

Section four Scale of demand and predicting of the Chinese sportswear market 207

First, sports consumption expenditure change of the national family 207

Second, sports consumption expenditure structure of the national family 209

Third, Scale of demand and predicting of sportswear market of our country 211

Fourth , it is still obvious to the export advantage 214

Fifth, the domestic market potential is enormous 214

Sixth, Supply and demand analysis of the staple of the first half of 2005 214

Chapter six Consumers analyse 217

Section one The subdivision of the consumer's market of the sportswear 217

First , market subdivision and goal consuming groups of the sportswear 217

Second, population subdivide and structure of sportswear market of our country 218

Third, age subdivision and consumption structure of the sportswear market 220

Fourth, the subdivisional market of consumer's interests and consumption structure of sportswear market 223

Fifth,the subdivisional market of the position and sportswear market 224

Section two Young and middle-aged consumer's market analysis of goal market 226

First, composition analysis of the young and the middle aged of consuming groups of goal 226

Second, the investigation and analysis of the teenagers' sportswear at the end of 2004 to the beginning of 2005 228

Section three The consumption and analysis of students and school sportswear 238

First, the current situation of 2004 student's sportswear consumption 238

Second, the sporting goods of school of one province has been investigated and analysed at the beginning of 2004 241

Section four The factor which influence consumers to buy of the sportswear 251

First, consumer's own factor 252

Second, social factor 253

Third , the factor of enterprises and products 254

Section five The analysis of the consumers' partiality 257

First, the partiality of price 257

Second, the partiality of brand 259

Third, the partiality of color 262

Section six Impact on sportswear consumption of consumer's income 264

First, Synchronous of the sportwear consumption and the consumer's growth in earningsing 264

Second , the situation of sportwear consumption and the economic income of different professional consumers 264

Section seven Consumer's cognition of our country with international sportswear brand 266

First, consumer's cognition of sportswear brand 268

Second, consumer's cognition of sports shoes brand 268

Third, brand ideal image spokesman of the sportswear in consumer's mind 270

Chapter seven Marketing channel analysis of the sportswear 271

Section one The composing of domestic marketing channel of Chinese sportswear 271

First, the large-scale market / department store 271

Second, the ordinary market / clothes shop 271

Third,Monopolized shop of the sportswear 272

Fourth , market , supermarket and chain store 272

Fifth, wholesale market 272

Sixth, mailorder 273

Seventh, online spending 273

Section two Reference of the system of marketing channel of the foreign sportswear 274

First,the analysis and reference of the retail way of the sportswear in U.S.A. 274

Second, quick retail mode of U.S.A. 285

Third, retail way of the Canadian sportswear market 291

Section three Way in which Chinese sportswear enterprises explore world market 292

First, way that the sportswear can be reference 292

Second, way that the sportswear explores world market 293

Section four Famous sportswear enterprises explore world market the way can be reference 301

First, sport enterprises draw lessons from Li Ning and open up the national market of Russia 301

Second, sport enterprises draw lessons from the American sport playshoes and expand the European market 309

Third, the sportswear draws lessons from the Italian sport dress --Listing case of Lotto Guangzhou 312

Chapter eight Market analysis of the sportswear 322

Section one Comparative research of the sportswear market of the urban of western and eastern 322

First, current situation of urbanite's sports consumption of the western and eastern 322

Second, the limitative factor analysis of urbanite's sportswear consumption 325

Section two Sportswear market analysis of Beijing 327

First, capacity of sportswear market of Beijing 327

Second, sportswear marketing channel of Beijing 332

Third, sportswear brand competition situation of Beijing 333

Fourth, the analysis of the new idea of consumption in Beijing in 2004 334

Section three Sportswear market analysis of Shanghai 335

First , the social economic major indicator and sports consumption current situation of Shanghai 335

Second, marketing channel analysis of Shanghai sportswear 337

Third, Shanghai sportswear is prone to " recreation " 338

Section four Sportswear market analysis of Guangzhou 339

First, sportswear market scale of Guangzhou 339

Second, The situation that the consumer in Guangzhou buy the sportswears 342

Third, competition situation of sportswear brand in Guangzhou 346

Fourth, sportswear marketing channel of Guangzhou 348

Section five Sportswear market analysis of Chengdu 349

First, the scale state analysis of Chengdu sportswear market 349

Second, sportswear market competition state of Chengdu 352

The third part Pattern analysis of the competition

Chapter nine Market competition pattern of the sportswear 354

Section one Competition pattern of the sportswear market of the world of 2004 354

First, the sportswear market of the world will stand like the legs of a tripod in 2004 354

Second, 2002- 200 American sports shoes market competition rise one after another 355

Section two the competition state analysis of Chinese sportswear market of 2004 362

First , the leading brand and occupation rate of market of the Chinese sportswear of 2004 362

Second, market competition state of the domestic brand on the Chinese market of 2004 364

Section three Micro competition situation analysis of Chinese sportswear trade 376

First, the distributed pattern competition of Chinese sportswear 376

Second, brand competition analysis of sportswear market 377

Third, advertising competition analysis of sportswear market 383

Fourth, products competition analysis of sportswear market 386

Fifth, the competition analysis of sportswear marketing 389

Sixth, Chinese sport marketing only one shallow fashion 396

Chapter ten Brand analysis of the international famous sportswear 398

Section one Nike 398

First, brief introduction of Nike and operation of Nike of 2004 398

Second , the condition and profit state of sales over the years of Nike 399

Third, Global operation state and sales situation of Nike in the whole world 401

Fourth, condition of sales of the sports goods of Nike of 2004 402

Fifth, Nike's development strategy of 2004-2005 403

Sixth, Nike shows one's own scientific and technological advantage 405

Section two Adidas 406

First, brief introduction of Adidas Company 406

Second, developing history of Adidas 408

Third, marketing tactics of Adidas 411

Fourth, the tactics of market of Adidas are imitated by other companies 415

Fifth, fault of Adidas Company - -Question analysis 421

Sixth, 2005 Adidas Company in Renaissance 423

Section three Reebbk 425

First , the international company of Reebbk and 2004 product profile 425

Second, market situation over the years of Reebbk company 429

Third, enterprise's administrative system of Reebbk --The clothing retails POS administrative system 431

Fourth, the way which Reebbk opens up Chinese market 432

Fifth, social marketing of Reebbk 438

Section four Converse 440

First, the brand introduction of Converse 440

Second, Converse open up China 441

Third, the Chinese market of Converse in 2004 and the Competition pattern with Chinese brand Li Ning 446

Fourth,The tactics of Converse in Chinese market of 2005 450

Chapter eleven Analysis of the Chinese outstanding sportswear enterprises 453

Section one Li Ning 453

First, brief introduction of Li Ning Company 453

Second, current situation of Li Ning Company 454

Third, information management network analysis of Li Ning Company 456

Fourth, Popularize strategy of Li Ning's brand in 2004- 2005 459

Fifth, a new milestone of internationalization of Li Ning Company in 2004- 2005 467

Sixth, make international brand ,Li Ning catch up with and surpass Nike 467

Section two Conway 471

First, brief introduction of KangWeiCompany 471

Second, catalogue of KangWei Company in spring of 2005 473

Third, the idea which prevail in Conway's movement in 2004 - 2005 474

Fourth, market operation tactics 474

Fifth, Conway's market tactics of 2004-2005 476

Section three GWEAT 481

First,Brief introduction of Gweat 481

Second, one dose of brand ideas of Witter 482

Third,The marketing tactics of Gweat Company of 2004- 2005 482

Section four Anta 485

First , Anta brief introduction of enterprises 485

Second , Anta's culture 487

Third, marketing tactics of Anta 488

Fourth , The successful inspiration of Anta 492

Fifth, The enterprise marketing tactics of Anta in 2004-2005 494

Section five Double star 497

First, ten precededs in succession " for national sales volume that the double star will be continued to hold of 2004 497

Second, the products' reservation of 2002 2003 double star 498

Third, Brand tactics of Double Star Group in 2004-2005 500

Fourth, Tactics of making the transition of Double Star Group of 2004- 2005 501

Fifth , the main accounting data and financial index of nearly three years of double star company 507

Sixth, 2004, sincerity lighted the brilliance of the double star 507

Seventh, Hi-Tech of double star 513

The fourth part The trend and market tactics analysis

Chapter twelve Market trend of the sportswear 514

Section one The prediction of the development trend of demand of sportswear of our country 515

First, prediction of the surface fabric and products development trend of sportswear of our country 517

Second, market potential analysis of Chinese sportswear 522

Third, seize the opportunity , open up the old sportswear market and have bright prospects 525

Fourth, the market prospects analysis of Chinese outdoor sportswear 532

Section two Competition trend prediction of sportswear trade 537

First, Hi-Tech competition 537

Second, brand competition 538

Third, channel competition 539

Fourth, manage ompetition 539

Fifth, innovative competition 539

Sixth, human resources competition 540

Seventh, idea competition 540

Eighth, information competition 540

Section three The prediction of marketing channel's development of sportswear 541

First, marketing network of compounding 541

Second , no shop to sell 541

Third, sell directly to households 542

Fourth, Chain operation 543

Fifth, sports chain store 550

Section four The direction of new product research of Sportswear 553

First, the direction of function and design of the sports shoes in 2005 553

Second, the forecast of the product development direction of sportswear 558

Third , Fashion trend of the sportswear of 2006 563

Fourth, the outdoor sportswear which use the Hi-Tech material have a bright future 565

Chapter thirteen Investment analysis of Chinese sportswear market 566

Section one Opportunity for development of Chinese sportswear market 566

First, the success of application for organizing the Olympic Games of China offers the opportunity of developing for sportswear enterprise 566

Second, good opportunity of enterprise's development of Chinese sportswear 570

Third, the improvement of the living standards of the people will increase the demand of sportswears 572

Fourth, the smoke of gunpowder of SARS rises from all around, the trade company of sportswear find the chance in the market 572

Section two The recommendation of enterprise's development tactics of sportswear 573

First, the competition is constant, the tactics of market subdivision is enterprise's victorious magic weapons 573

Second,Catch " seek Cool clan " , aim at youth 575

Third, 2005 the analysis of clothing manufacturer's investment in the world 578

Section three Adapting to the competition, brand strategy goes from sportswear enterprises 579

First, advantage characteristic of sportswear brand 580

Second, brand construction tactics of sportswear 582

Section four Enterprise's countermeasure of the medium and small sportswear 590

Section five The tactics of sportswear enterprise is WWW.COM 594

First , the current situation and state of development is WWW.COM 595

Second, The current application situations in China is WWW.COM 598

Third, Analysis of adaptability of the online sportswear 600

Fourth, the strategy sportswear enterprise is WWW.COM 605

Chapter Fourteen The correlated analysis of sportswear 611

Section one Ten main trends of Chinese consumer market 611

Section two Ubiquitous question of clothing trade 627

First, ubiquitous question in engage in at present 627

Second, thin and weak clothing brand marketing 629

Section three The sportswear should be able to meet various kinds of consumption demands in the future 632


Chart:The level demand characteristic and factor of influencing of the sportswear 25

Chart:The classification of the sportswear and the characteristic of classified sportswear 26

Chart:The compares of labor cost in the ten major fabrics exporter in the world 34

Chart:Contrasted forms in clothing trade in the world and sportswear trade in 1996-2010 54

Chart:The increases forms of the sportswear trade 54

Chart:sportswear trade trend picture of the world 55

Chart:the variation sale tendency form of the world sportswear 55

Chart:the variation sale tendency picture of the world sportswear 56

Chart:The sportswear sales amount development of the world 57

Chart:Pattern that the sportswear is distributed 57

Chart:Market situation of British sportswear market in 1993 -1997 57

Chart:Comparative analytical table of domestic sports brand state 66

Chart:market situation form of domestic ten major travels and Sports shoes 67

Chart:Comprehensive occupation rate picture of sports shoes market of the top ten travels of the whole country 68

Chart:Every index of sports shoes of ten major travels of the whole country 68

Chart:Sports shoes market situation form of domestic ten major travels 69

Chart:The comprehensive occupation rate , market sales occupation rate , market coverage rate occupation rate of domestic sports shoes market are compared with and pursued 69

Chart:Comprehensive occupation rate distribution map of ten major sports shoes market 70

Chart:the monthly statistical form of sales volume of travel sports shoes 70

unit:One hundred pairs 70

Chart:The distributed area pattern of Chinese sportswear enterprise 80

Chart:Enterprise's ownership of the Chinese sportswear 81

Chart:Chinese sports shoes ten major leading brands market sells the sketch map of share sale share 83

Chart:the market sells share picture of Chinese sports shoes ten major leading brands 84

Chart:The quantity of imports and exports of the sportswear in recent years 97

Chart:The amount of money of imports and exports of the sportswear in recent years 97

Chart:The quantity of imports and exports of sports shoes and suits in recent years 98

unit:Pair 98

Chart:The amount of money of imports and exports of the sports shoes in recent years 99

unit:A thousand dollars 99

Chart:Change of import volume of the sportswear 100

Chart:Change of imported amount of sportswear 100

Chart:Change of the average imported price of sportswear 101

Chart:Change of export volume of the sportswear 102

Chart:Export value change of the sportswear 102

Chart:The change of average exports price of sportswear 103

Chart:Export value change of the sports shoes 105

Chart:The change of the average export price of sports shoes 105

Chart:Competitiveness coefficient change of the sportswear 106

Chart:Competitiveness coefficient change of the sports shoes 106

Chart:the price comparison of clothing which Japan import different country 120

Chart:Consume (Antaual ) the situation in personal sports of Japan 122

Chart:The permissive sales amount in U.S.A.'s of sports clothing market 126

Chart:Occupation rate of market of sports shoes of the brand of 2004 of U.S.A 128

Chart:The vendition structure chart of American sports shoes market 129

Chart:Change of gross sales amount of American sports shoes market 130

Chart:The count of kinds of the sporting goods which consumes in U.S.A. 130

Chart:American sporting goods variation tendency picture 131

Chart:The American sportswear channel forming and pursueing 132

Chart:American sporting goods are imported and compared in the first 6 months over the years (a hundred million dollars) 133

Chart:Share situation that the sports shoes that some Asian countries export to U.S.A. account for 133

Chart:Importer's state analysis chart of the American sports shoes 134

Chart:All kinds of sporting goods import situation of U.S.A. 134

Chart:Canada's national sport activity state 135

Chart:consumption total value and take the proportion of total expenditure of the family in average sports of Canadian family 136

Chart:Simple form of retail market of the Canadian sport articles 137

Chart:the top ten import source country of Canada 138

Chart:the top ten export country of Canada 139

Chart:Articles , sport of Canada , retail the simple form of the occupation rate of market 142

Chart:Simple forms of the occupation rate of market of main sport articles industry person of Canada (the top 12 ) 142

Chart:Main country's sporting goods market situation 149

Chart:Main country's sporting goods market situation of Europe 149

Chart:Resident's Antaual sporting goods in the main country of Europe are spent 150

Chart:Capacity of German sportswear market 153

Chart:Picture of condition of sales of German sportswear market 153

Chart:Different social job persons consume the difference on as follows in sports 155

Chart:Concrete composition of the French swimsuit market 156

Chart:Table of French swimsuit market 157

unit:A million dollars 157

Chart:France imports market share 157

Chart:Swimsuit sales situation of every French marketing organization 159

Chart:The average prices of swimsuit of different marketing organizations in France 159

Chart:All kinds of sales situation on the market of sweat shirt of Britain 162

Chart:Sales situation of British sports shoes market 163

Chart:The country and total investment which Russia makes the investment on a large scale for a long time 185

Chart:Russian government predicts 2002-005 foreign country to the direct capital cost of Russia 186

Chart:Antaual sports consumption total value and GDP of comparison of Japan and some European families 188

Chart:The area distributed pattern of sportswear market of the world 189

Chart:Structure change of clothing market of the world of the following several years 190

Chart:Structure chart of clothing market of the world of 2004 191

Chart:Structure chart of clothing market of the world of 2010 191

Chart:2004 state of U.S.A.'s outdoor exercises 196

Chart:sports consumption expenditure change of the national family 208

Chart:sports consumption expenditure structure of the national family 209

Chart:Sports consumption structure forms of urban and rural residents of our country 210

Chart:Consumption expenditure situation of sportswear of our country 211

Chart:Change of total amount of consumption expenditure of resident's sportswear that of our country 212

Chart:Change of total amount of consumption expenditure of the sports shoes of resident of our country 212

Chart:change of total amount of consumption expenditure of sportswear and shoes that of our country Resident 213

Chart:The distribution change of sportswear and sports shoes of cities and towns and countryside on market of our country 213

Chart:Men and women's population change that of our country in the past ten years 219

Chart:The total population of every area of our country compares with sex 219

Chart:Age composition distribution table of every area of our country 220

Chart:The different age composition demand characteristic and factor of influencing of the sportswear 221

Chart:Chinese rural and urban population change in recent years 224

Chart:The condition of the sportswear and the clothing of urbanite consumption 225

Chart:The ratio chart of consumers of sportswear market 226

Chart:Consumption structure of Beijing-Shanghai teenagers 229

Chart:Teenagers' consumption idea 230

Chart:Views on the famous brand of the sportswear of teenagers 231

Chart:Attitudes toward famous brand of the sportswear of teenagers 231

Chart:Attitude consumed that teenagers give a discount to the famous-brand sportswear 232

Chart:To the view imitating the famous brand of sportswears 233

Chart:The situation of teenagers' keeps in touch with the media one week 234

Chart:TV programme type which Beijing-Shanghai teenagers often watch 234

Chart:The suitation of the Beijing-Shanghai teenagers' contact to the TV , broadcast column 235

Chart:Broadcast program type which Beijing-Shanghai teenagers often listen to 236

Chart:Newspaper , magazine which Beijing-Shanghai teenagers like reading 237

Chart:Main sporting goods and funds expenditure table which the school purchases 242

Chart:Main sporting goods and expenses table which the class purchases 244

Chart:The main sporting goods and expenses which the students purchase 245

Chart:Daily sporting goods brand of the school 248

Chart:The contrast of the factor which the youth considers when they buy the sports shoes 255

Chart:The variation tendency of the price that teenagers buy the sports shoes 258

Chart:Whether teenagers buy the famous-brand sports shoes 259

Chart:The quantity that the teenagers buy famous-brand sports shoes 259

Chart:The brand which teenagers buy the sports shoes 262

Chart:Sports shoes color which teenagers like 263

Chart:Every professional total economic income of every month of crowd's family (%) 265

Chart:Every professional Antaual sports consumption of crowd's family (%) 266

Chart:All professional per capita economic income and per capita sports of every year of crowd's moon are consumed and analysed relevantly 266

Chart:Brand awareness investigation of the sportswear 269

Chart:The distribution situation of Teenagers buy the brand sports shoes 269

Chart:Brand awareness investigation of the sports shoes 270

Chart:Ideal image representative person of sports whom consumers asserteds 270

Chart:Comparison that the clothing is sold on a commission basis and bought out 276

Chart:The saleroom of A

2005 Annual Report on China's Sportswear Industry