YiJing The Essence Change

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Table of Contents
Preface 前言
About the Author 作者
Introduction: About The Book of Changes 关于易经
Part Ⅰ
Scenario 1 乾(Qian) The Generative
Scenario 2 坤(Kun) The Nurturer
Scenario 3 屯(Zhun) The Gathering Clouds
Scenario 4 蒙(Meng) The Fountains in the Mountains
Scenario 5 需(Xu) The Clouds in the Sky
Scenario 6 讼(Song) The Disoriented Sky and Water
Scenario 7 师(Shi) The Earth Embracing the Water
Scenario 8 比(Bi) The Water-Earth Relationship
Scenario 9 小畜(Xiao Xu) The Wind across the Sky
Scenario 10 履(Lu) Treading behind a Tiger
Scenario 11 泰(Tai) Engagement and Alignment
Scenario 12 否(Pi) Divergence and Disorder
Scenario 13 同人(Tong Ren) Harmony with Nature
Scenario 14 大有(Da You) The Vigor for Harvests
Scenario 15 谦(Qian) The Mountain of Low Profile
Scenario 16 豫(Yu) Spring Coming in High Spirits
Scenario 17 随(Sui) The Fundamentals of Followership
Scenario 18 蛊(Gu)The Constructive against the Obstructive
Scenario 19 临(Lin)Interdependence and Intimacy
Scenario 20 观(Guan)Non-interference in Cultivation
Scenario 21 噬嗑(Shi He)Differentiated Discipline
Scenario 22 贲(Bi)Face Values VS.Intrinsic Values
Scenario 23 剥(Bo)The Weathering Mountain
Scenario 24 复(Fu)The Sun Is Rising
Scenario 25 无妄(Wu wang)The Thunder under the Sky
Scenario 26 大畜(Da Xu)The sky in the Mountain
Scenario 27 颐(Yi)Nourishing and Nurturing
Scenario 28 大过(Da Guo)The Overwhelming Is Overwhelmed
Scenario 29 坎(Kan)Hanging In in High Water
Scenario 30 离(Li)Bright,Bright Sunlight

Part Ⅱ
Scenario 31 咸(Xian)The Touch of Tolerance
Scenario 32 恒(Heng)The Unchanging in Changes
Scenario 33 逐(Dun)Descending VS.Ascending
Scenario 34 大壮(Da Zhuang)The Infinite Might and Influence
Scenario 35 晋(Jin)The Illuminating Sun
Scenario 36 明夷(Ming Yi)The Shadowed Sunshine
Scenario 37 家人(Jia Ren)All from and for the Family
Scenario 38 睽(Kui)The Divergent Destinations
Scenario 39 蹇(Jian)The Trials of a Long Journey
Scenario 40 解(Jie)The Thunder Hying out of the Water
Scenario 41 损(Sun)The Ways of Losing and Gaining
Scenario 42 益(yi)The Inter-winding Interactions
Scenario 43 夬(Guai)The Spirited Swamp
Scenario 44 姤(Gou)The Sweeping Wind
Scenario 45 萃(Cui)The Gathering Water
Scenario 46 升(Sheng)The Growing Tree
Scenario 47 困(Kun)The Seeping Swamp
Scenario 48 井(Jing)The well and Its Waters
Scenario 49 革(Ge)The Call for a Change
Scenario 50 鼎(Ding)The Trig}od of Tripartite Balance
Scenario 51 震(Zhen)The Pounding Thunders
Scenario 52 艮(Gen)The Igniter and the Brake
Scenario 53 渐(Jian)The Hovering Swan Geese
Scenario 54 归妹(Gui Mei)The Merry Marriage
Scenario 55 丰(Feng)The Fire and the Thunder in Accord
Scenario 56 旅(Lu)The Challenge of Traveling
Scenario 57 巽(Xun)The Whistling Wind
Scenario 58 兑(Dui)The Swamp of Serenity
Scenario 59 涣(Huan)The Wind Stroking the Water
Scenario 60 节(Jie)The Overflowing Water
Scenario 61 中孚(Zhong Fu)The Wind Touching the Swamp
Scenario 62 小过(Xiao Guo)The Thunder Is a Little Louder
Scenario 63 既济(ji ji)The Ripping River
Scenario 64 未济(Wei Ji)The Rippling River

Part Ⅲ
About the Ten Wings
The Thematic Analyses(《系辞上传》Xici ShAng ZhuAn Part 1)
The Essence of Change
The Qualified Leader
The Thematic Analyses(《系辞下传》)Xici Xia Zhuan Part 2)
A Breakhead for a Breakthrough
Who Are on Board With You?
The Structural Analyses (《说卦传》 Shuogua Zhuan)
The Law of Nature, and the Nature of Man
The Sequential Descriptions (《序卦传》Xugua Zhuan)
The Principles Guiding Developmental Stages
The Supplementary Comments (《序卦传》Xugua Zhuan)
Invention and Innovation
Appendix 1.The Five Classics, Four Books, and the Thirteen Confucian Classics (四书五经,十三经)
Appendix 2.The Formation of the Book of Changes (《周易》形成的年代)
Appendix 3.Contributions of the Chinese classics to Leadership
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YiJing The Essence Change