Book Series: YCT Standard Course

The Youth Chinese Test (YCT) is an international standardized test of Chinese proficiency, which evaluates the ability of primary school and middle school students whose mother tongue is not Chinese to use the Chinese language in their daily lives and study. YCT Standard Course has been developed based on the analysis of YCT papers and the principle of "combining testing and teaching".

1. Target Readers

  • Overseas primary school and middle school students who take Chinese as a selective course.
  • Students who are going to take the YCT.
2. Correspondence Between Textbooks and YCT​
Textbook YCT Vocabulary Class Hour
(For reference)
Book 1 Level 1 80 35 - 45
Book 2 Level 2 150 35 - 45
Book 3 Level 3 300 50 - 60
Book 4 50 - 60
Book 5 Level 4 600 60 - 70
Book 6 60 - 70

3. Features

  • A full coverage of YCT. On the basis of an overall and careful analysis of YCT syllabus and test papers, the series is organized with function as the prominent building blocks and grammar as the underlying building blocks, so as to fully cover YCT's vocabulary, grammar and function items. Each lesson is accompanied by a YCT model test page. Students should be able to pass the corresponding level of YCT after finishing each book.

  • An integrated combination of function and fun. The series emphasizes on the authenticity of the scene design, the naturalness and usefulness of the language, as well as the interestingness of the content. At the same time, it takes a careful consideration of students' affection and attitude. Through texts, games, songs and stories, we hope the series is able to arise students' interest in learning and help them enjoy it as they learn.
  • A variety of activities and exercises in each section. There are activities anexercises in each teaching section in this series in order to provide teaching clues and exercise options for teachers.
  • Listening and speaking taking the lead and followed by reading and writing. The series follows the principle that students proceed with reading and writing after achieving the goal of listening and speaking. The first 4 books do not have any requirements on writing Chinese characters.

Track Series

Image Item Name Price
YCT Standard Course 6
YCT Standard Course 6
ISBN: 9787040463453 | Publisher: Higher Education Publishing House | Published on 12/2016

YCT Standard Course 6 - Activity Book
YCT Standard Course 6 - Activity Book
ISBN: 9787040486117 | Publisher: Higher Education Publishing House | Published on 06/2018