Xiamen Special Economic Zone Yearbook 2012

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Xiamen Special Economic Zone Yearbook 2012 "is a comprehensive yearbook. Includes seven sections: 1. The special overload • literature; 2. City's profile; 3. District overview; 4. Sector and industry; 5. Statistics; 6. Regulations file; 7. Memorabilia. Strive to statistics and detailed professional information systems, comprehensive Cheung site to reflect all aspects of Xiamen City in 2011 socio-economic development. Remained in style and content, and the continuity of the Xiamen Special Economic Zone Yearbook 2011 ", according to the second national agricultural census results and professional statisticians new calculation method of the relevant historical data refresh approved with previous data is subject to a person, please prevail in this book.

The book laid down in the statistical range of statistics, statistical standards and calculation methods according to the implementation of provisions of national unity; laid down in article statistics, in addition to the articles of the date specified in published according to the statistics of news digital bit of the rest of the statistics are using statistical digital Annual Report finalized. Indicators of the article referenced in the regional GDP, industrial output and agricultural output value data, as no special instructions, aggregate indicators are calculated according to the current prices, calculated at comparable prices speed indicators.

The book has been edited and published guidance and the relevant departments of the Xiamen municipal government and the strong support of the community to participate in the presentation compilation, validation comrades paid the hard work and great efforts. Here, we solemnly gathered to all participants of the yearbook, the preparation of the unit and comrades, and to express my heartfelt thanks to the people from all walks of life to support the publication and distribution of the yearbook.
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Xiamen Special Economic Zone Yearbook 2012