Witness to China's Reform And Opening Up: Series of 40 Celebrities (English Edition)

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Table of Contents
Tu Youyou: A Lifelong Pursuit and Passion for Artemisinin
Liu Xianlin: Bringing Earth Home
Zhao Qizheng: A Performer of Pudong Symphony
Feng Jicai: A Staunch Guardian of Culture
Yan Jinchang: A Pioneer of Xiaogang Village
Long Yongtu: A Pioneer for Chinas Accesion into the WTO
Zhao Derun: A Journalist Who Never Gets Old
Wen Yuankai: Tailblazing Through Reform and Opening Up for Four Decades
Roger T.Ames: A Foreign Professor Teaching Chinese Philosophy for 40 Years
Xu Yifa: The Man Behind the Wheel of Four Different Locomotives
Ye Xiaowen: One Who Keeps Pace with the Time
Du Shaozhong: A Weibo Oficial Who Takes the Path Less Traveled
Shan Jixiang: Palace Guardian Reopens the Palace
Mo Yan: Coming from a Sorghum Field
Fan Xi'an's 24-hour Bookstore
Meng Xianming's Ballad
Du Yue: Connecting to the World Along with China
Wllam Brown's Afection for China as "The First Foreign Residentin Xiamen
Kong Xiaoning: Undying Love for the Polar Regions
Zhang Yongping: The One Who Created The No.1 Foreigner-oriented Market in China
Wu Weishan: Tiding Over to the New Era on a Sculpting Journey in Pace with the Times
The Flower Growers of the Meng Family: Dedicated to Only One Type of Flower for a Lifetime
Ma Yun: A Chinese Entrepreneur and Businessman Who Mastered the 〝Open Sesame〞to the World
Zhu Zhengfu: The Mision and Duty of a Lawyer
Lei Zairong: Legend of a "Garbage King"
Han Yuhai: A"Big Issue" Researcher in an Era of Reform
Luo Hong: A Chinese Entrepreneur's Life of Three Styles
Li Wanjun: Facilitating the Chinese Dream with a Welding Torch
Li Ya: The Path of Entrepreneurship for New Media Practitioners
Pan Jianwei: A Father's Passion and Love for the Country-"A Father of Quantum"
Li Jianhua: A Builder and Witness of Three Air Gateways
Wang Xin: Producing Safe and Healthy Food
Dong Qing: A Chinese Story of the "Face of China"
Zhang Juncheng: The 〝Picture of a Tower, a Lake,and a Library〞 That Altered His Prospects in Life
Cheng Wei's 〝Oars〞
Hai Qing: An Actress' Road to Charity
Zhang Daming:"It's the Right Choice to Go with the Pace of the Times"
Liu Wei: The First Cyberspace Writer to Earn One Million Yuan a Year
Yao Ming: Three-time Transformation for This Chinese Basketball Player
Qin Yuefei: A Village Official from Yale University
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  History, in certain periods, always drives people to absorb wisdom and move forward.
  The year of 1978 was such a particular time. That year, the third Plenary Session of the The CPC Central Committee marked the beginning of China's historical journey in reform and opening up.
  Over the past 40 years, the Chinese people have bid farewell to the planned economy, gone through the stages in which basic demands of food and clothing were met and ushered in a moderately prosperous society. Over the years, under the CPC's leadership, the Chinese have been through thick and thin, overcome one difficulty after another and marched forward with brave and firm steps. An enlightening chapter of history has been written and a new life of and for the people created.
  The greatness of the underlying cause lies not only in the grandeur of the objective, but also in that of the process. The beauty of life manifests not only in the richness of acquirement, but also the richness of experience. How many glorious scenes and memorable moments were there in this great change that profoundly transformed China and deeply affected the world?
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