Travel through China with 300 Words (Korean Edition)

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This is a tourism-based fundamental Chinese conversation handbook for foreign visitors or learners without or with a little Chinese knowledge.
The main body of the book follows a journey, consisting of ten chapters: “Daily Conversations”, “Departure”, “Hotel Check-in”, “In China Mobile Business Hall”, “Sightseeing Tours”, “Dining at a Restaurant”, “Purchase of Goods”, “Seeking Medical Care”, “Seeking Help”, and “Goodbye, China”. Each scene with the most practical and easy-to-remember words and sentences, this book makes a self-guided tour easy and convenient.

About the Author
Wang Yaomei, PhD in literature, professor in the College of International Education, Shandong University.
Lin Meishu, PhD in applied linguistics, vice-principal of a Korean high school.
Travel through China with 300 Words (Korean Edition)