Tibetan Buddhist Statues in the Palace Museum

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  • Language: Chinese
  • Format: 54 Cards
  • Publication Date: 01/2005
  • Publisher: The Palace Museum
Tibetan Buddhism, also called Lamaism, is an important Buddhist branch in China. Published on this series of playing cards are photos of 54 Tibetan Buddhist statues housed in the Imperial Palace. These lifelike statues, either in sitting or in standing gesture, boast a superb craftsmanship, most of which are modeled after Buddha, Bodhisattvas, Buddhist guardians and honzons. They vary in facial expressions. Buddha looks solemn, Bodhisattvas have a peaceful touch, Buddhist guardians are awful and majestic, and Taras usually have plump physiques. The playing cards may give one a glimpse of Tibetan Buddhism and are worthy to be collected.
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Tibetan Buddhist Statues in the Palace Museum