The Zhou Book of Change (2 Vol.s)

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The Zhou Book of Change is like a giant evergreen tree with deep roots, numerous branches and exuberant leaves. About 7000 years ago Fu Xi created the early heaven eight trigrams as a space-time model. Over 3000 years ago, it was said that King Wen rear-ranged it into the later heaven eight trigrams, and adapted materials into a system of sixty-four hexagrams with attachment of hexagram and linear judgments in divination. During the Spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period, people kept constant elaborations on The Zhou Book of Change, and Confucius made an unparalleled contribution to philosophization of changeology. Later, part of the elaborations were written down and edited into The Appendices and combined with the text as a whole. The changeology in the Qin, Han, Jin, Sui and Tang dynasties mainly developed in the image-numerology and the meaning-principle schools, and the hexagram-climate theories reflected the understanding of the space-time models of the universe in movement then. The changeology in the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties was a renaissance and development on the basis of the Han and Tang changeology mainly with absorption and combination of Buddhism as the foreign culture and others, and stressed on internalization of the way of change in the mind of man. The 20th century changeology reflected on reality and developed under the influence of the traditional academic studies and European and American culture.
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The Zhou Book of Change (2 Vol.s)