The Three Kingdoms (3 Vols) Papercover Edition

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The epic Chinese tale of loyalty and war in a dynamic new translation.

To my son, Winston, and my daughter, Aimee, who, from a toddler's age to adulthood, were thrilled with my telling and retelling ofthe stories from this great book.
With sincere gratitude to Yu Sumei for accepting the challenge to work with me to create a new translation of this classic literature with the goal of turning it into an excit ing novel. My beliefis that it is notjust what you say but how you say it. My appreciation to Yu Sumei's daughter who typed out each page. They worked diligently for two years to produce a uniquely compelling version of this epic work, complete with footnotes for clarification ofcertain events and words in the text. My gratitude extends to a friend, Shen Li who was instrumental in recommending and introducing me to Yu Sumei. And certainly a note ofgratitude to Cheryl Banks for her suggestions as to improving the look of the book, as well as her many hours of help in preparing this text for printing which ultimately led to its publication.

No dedication would be complete without the mention of my many Chinese and American friends who encouraged me to continue this new translation and share it with the world. May readers enjoy thejourney as much or beyond what we have experienced in the production of this classic, which will live in perpetuity.

About the Author
Yu Sumei is a professor of English at East China Normal University. She has translated several English language books into Chinese and is the first native Chinese speaker to translate The Three Kingdoms into English. She invested a total of two years into working on this new translation of The Three Kingdoms, spending the time on sabbatical in New York with her daughter, who typed the translation out as she completed it.

Ronald C. Iverson first visited China in 1984 as the personal representative of the Mayor of Chicago as part of a Sister Cities program. For the past 30 years he has continued to regularly visit China and has founded joint business ventures with Chinese partners and taught Business Strategy at Tongji University in Shanghai. He also personally arranged the first ever exhibition of Forbidden City artifacts from the Palace Museum in Beijing to tour the US.
Early in his visits to China, Iverson discovered The Three Kingdoms and came to realize the enormous cultural significance the Chinese people place in the book. Believing that one needed to be familiar with the principles revealed in the book in
order to find business or political success in China, and being dissatisfied with existing translations, Iverson decided to fund and edit a new translation aimed towards delivering the thrill of a contemporary novel while imparting understanding of a key aspect of Chinese culture.
Sample Pages Preview
Sample pages of The Three Kingdoms (3 Vols) Papercover Edition (ISBN:9787544650359)
Sample pages of The Three Kingdoms (3 Vols) Papercover Edition (ISBN:9787544650359)
Sample pages of The Three Kingdoms (3 Vols) Papercover Edition (ISBN:9787544650359)
Sample pages of The Three Kingdoms (3 Vols) Papercover Edition (ISBN:9787544650359)
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The Three Kingdoms (3 Vols) Papercover Edition