The International Migration Law English-Chinese Dictionary

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A1 visaA1签证 (美)

A visa for foreign government officials,ambassadors,public ministers,career diplomats,consular officers or other high level government officials.美国签证的一种,签发对象为外国政府官员、大使、职业外交官、领事馆官员或其他高级政府官员。
A2 visaA2 签证 (美)

A visa for other officials or employees of foreign governments in lesser ranks.美国签证的一种,签发对象为外国政府级别较低的官员或雇员。
A3 visaA3签证 (美)

A visa for attendants,servants or other personal employees of foreign government officials.美国签证的一种,签发对象为外国政府的随从人员、服务人员或其他私人雇员。
“A” NumberA号码 (美)

The unique file number assigned by the Department of Homeland Security to every alien who is admitted to the United States or who otherwise comes into contact with the agency.This number begins with the letter “A”, followed by eight digits.由(美)国土安全部签发给每一位被允许入境美国的或与该机构联络的外国人的仅有文档号码。该号码以字母A开始,后面有八位数。
A ratingA 等级 (英)

This term is applied to a sponsor under the pointsbased system for coming to the United Kingdom to work,train or study.It is the rating awarded by UK government when a sponsor joins the register of sponsors.该术语适用于根据计分制来英国工作、培训或学习的赞助人。在赞助人注册时由英国政府赋予的等级。
A#/alien registration receipt card外国人注册登记卡 (美)

The official name used in immigration law for a green card.移民法中绿卡(green card)的正式名称。
AAPD(Asylum and Appeals Policy Directorate)庇护与上诉政策委员会

A board that is responsible to deal with the appeals against those filed by refugees.负责处理由难民提出的上诉的委员会。
abandonment of appeal放弃上诉;撤销上诉

Withdrawal of appeals.撤销上诉。相关词语abandonment of proceeding(撤诉)
abandonment of permanent resident status放弃永久居民身份

An action by an immigrant who claims to give up the permanent resident status of another country.移民放弃别国永久居民身份的行为。
abandonment of proceeding放弃诉讼;撤诉

Withdrawl of lawsuits.撤回法律诉讼。

The act of leading someone away by force or fraudulent persuasion.通过暴力或虚假劝说将某人带走的行为。相关词语 kidnapping (绑架),trafficking (贩运)

No person shall organize the coming into Canada of one or more persons by means of abduction,fraud,deception or use or threat of force or coercion.任何人不得通过诱拐、欺诈、欺骗、使用或威胁使用暴力或胁迫手段组织一人或多人进入加拿大。(加拿大2001年移民与难民法第118(1)条)

Trafficking in persons shall mean the recruitment,transportation,transfer,harbouring or receipt of persons,by means of the threat or use of force or other forms of coercion,of abduction,of fraud,of deception,of the abuse of power or of a position of vulnerability or of the giving or receiving of payments or benefits to achieve the consent of a person having control over another person,for the purpose of exploitation.人口贩运指为剥削目的而通过暴力威胁或使用暴力手段或通过其他形式的胁迫,通过诱拐、欺诈、欺骗、滥用权力或滥用脆弱境况,或通过授受酬金或利益取得对另一人有控制权的某人的同意等手段招募、运送、转移、窝藏或接收人员。(联合国打击跨国有组织犯罪公约及议定书附件二第3(a)条)
The International Migration Law English-Chinese Dictionary