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ISBN: 7801031334 | Published on 12/1997 | Series: A NEW CHINESE COURSE BOOK
The second book of A New Chinese Course consists of twenty five lessons of which every five are grouped under a topic such as Social Issues (1),...
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ISBN: 9787801030405 | Published on 01/1996 | Series: A NEW CHINESE COURSE BOOK
This textbook is intended to be an elementary Chinese course book. It consists of two volumes, each for an academic year. This course aims at...
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A New English-Chinese Dictionary
ISBN: 9787801037091,780103709X | Published on 01/2011 | Reviews:

A New English-Chinese Dictionary (3rd Edition)
ISBN: 9787517610076 | Published on 06/2023

A Study in Chinese Principles of Education
ISBN: 9787100189361 | Published on 10/2020

An ABC of Chinese Culture
ISBN: 9787100059626 | Published on 12/2009
About Author Robert DiYanni is Director of International Services at the College Board. A Professor of English and Humanities at New York University,...

An English-Chinese and Chinese-English Dictionary of Proverbs, Mottoes and Epigrams
ISBN: 9787517603801 | Published on 06/2017
朱和中、佘卫红编著的《英汉汉英谚语格言警句辞典(精)》收录经典谚语、格言及警句12,000条,涉及英汉两种语言,字字珠玑,寓意隽永;启迪心智,耐人寻味。 对英语中的古词、诗歌用词及方言词语,均加以注释;对谚语、格言或警句的典故、寓意和使用场合,酌情加注。...

Application Chinese Dictionary
ISBN: 7100017475 | Published on 08/2000

Arabic - Chinese Economics and Management Dictionary
ISBN: 9787100043571 | Published on 01/2008

Billigual Cognitive Book for Toddles (Shapes, Fruits, Colors and Baby Animals)
ISBN: 9787517605232 | Published on 04/2018

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CP has an annual output of about 800 titles, with about 350 new titles and 450 reprinted titles. Meanwhile, it publishes 2 periodicals - The World of English and The World of Chinese, 20 academic journals including Chinese Language and Dialect, as well as some audio-visual products. Recent surveys show that dictionaries in Chinese and foreign languages published by CP have been occupying a dominantly leading place in the book market of China. In 2005, its total price of publications was 540 million RMB yuan and its profit was more than 50 million RMB yuan, ranking among the top publishing institutions in China.
The Commercial Press now has developed into a well-renowned publishing institution with its own distinctive style, renewing its unique place in China's history of publishing, and its commitment to cultural development of China.
Now an affiliate of the newly-established China Publishing Group, the Commercial Press stands ready to embrace opportunities and challenges in the upcoming reform of the cultural system and the publishing system.