The Bridge of Heaven

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• Written in English and translated into Chinese in 1960 by the author himself.

• Set in the Chinese history during 1880-1911, Li Ta Tung, the hero, grew up from an adopted son to a great revolutionary, and experienced the Reform Movement of 1898, the Huanghuagang Uprising, the Wuchang Uprising, the fall of the Qing Dynasty and the birth of the Republic of China.

• The book has been translated into French, German, Spanish, Swedish, Czech, Dutch, etc., and its English edition has been reprinted over ten times after its first publication in London in 1943.

• Prefaced by John Mansfield, and strongly recommended by Bernard Shaw and Chen Yinke.

Table of Contents
On Reading The Bridge of Heaven by John Marefield 
Chapter Ⅰ 
Chapter Ⅱ 
Chapter Ⅲ 
Chapter Ⅳ 
Chapter Ⅴ 
Chapter Ⅵ 
Chapter Ⅶ 
Chapter Ⅷ 
Chapter Ⅸ 
Chapter Ⅹ 
Chapter Ⅺ 
Chapter Ⅻ 
Chapter ⅩⅢ 
Chapter ⅩⅣ 
Remembering My Father
The Bridge of Heaven