Take Me to Guangzhou

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Author: Cheng Yingcui;
Language: Chinese-English
Format: Papercover
Page: 155
Publication Date: 10/2008
ISBN: 9787307065178
Publisher: Wuhan University Press
Table of Contents
Brief Introduction to Guangzhou;
Yuexiu Park;
The Zhenhai Tower;
The Five-Ram Sculpture;
The Memorial Hall of Dr.Sun Yatsen;
The Tomb of Western Han Nanyue King;
Sanyuan Palace;
The Yuewang Well;
Chen Clan Academy Temple;
The Liwan Museum;
Baiyun Mountain;
South China Botanical Garden;
The Former Site of the National Peasant Movement Institution;
The Guangdong Provincial Museum;
The Whampoa Military Academy;
Nanhai God Temple;
The Sun Yetsen's Generalissimo Mansion;
Haizhuang Temple
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Take Me to Guangzhou