Strange Tales From Make-Do Studio - Echo of Classics (Liao Zhai Zhi Yi)

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Strange Tales From Make-Do Studio is a famous collection of about 500 short stories by Pu Songling (1640-1715), a writer of the Qing Dynasty. Thirty stories are selected for this Chinese-English edition: Candidate for the Post of City God - The Mural - The Theft of Peach - Fox-Girl Qingfeng - Painted Skin - Yingning - Nie Xiaoqian - A Chivalrous Woman - Precious - Ventriloquism - Liancheng - The Raksasas and the Ocean Bazaar - The Criket - Sequel to the Yellow Millet Dream - Miss Yan - Ghost-Girl Xiaoxie - The Inspectorate of Misdeeds - The City o the Mountain - Fairy Qing-E - Ghost-Maiden Huanniang - Ghost-Scholar Yu Qu-E - Phoenix Sprite - Fox-Girl Changting - Rouge - Courtesan Rui Yun - Linen Scarf, the Peony Spirit - Yellow-Bloom - A Fool for Books - Ghost-Girl Wanxia - The Bird Nymph Zhuqing.

These stories cover a wide range of subjects, such as werefoxes and fish spirits and ghosts and monsters that are personified. Like human beings, they have feelings of good and evil, beauty and ugliness, love and hatred as well as happiness and discontent. These mystical stories reflect the social life of the time in which they were written.

Living under a feudal monarchy, the writer had to criticize the unfairness of the feudal system and express his indignation by writing of fox spirits and monsters. Although most of these stories are progressive and written with a critical slant, some of them still have ideas of feudal superstition and fatalism.

The stories in Strange Tales from Make-Do Studio are written in simple and straightforward language, but they are highly structured with complicated plots that often employ the technique of combining illusion with reality. Some of these stories are based on popular folk legends and thus have a plain, folksy style. The ideological and artistic achievements of Strange Tales fro Make-Do Studio have greatly influenced later novels and operas.

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Strange Tales From Make-Do Studio - Echo of Classics (Liao Zhai Zhi Yi)