Statistical Data on Civil Aviation of China 2013

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"From a statistical look at the Civil Aviation " is a comprehensive introduction to the form of annual career development of China's civil aviation overview information tool , an annual publication . Book ( 2013 ) laid down the content , development of civil aviation in 2012 mainly included statistics , comprehensive and informative . This book is suitable for engaging in civil aviation management , teaching and research workers to use , readers can learn from this book an overview of development of civil aviation . This book is divided into " resource profile ", " Air Transport Development Indicators ", " general aviation development indicators ", " efficiency indicators ", " aviation safety and service quality evaluation index ", "historical development indicators ", "world aviation " and " Appendix " 8 parts. The " resource profile " included the whole industry has various resources, including routes , navigable cities , airplanes , airports , businesses and the number of persons ; " Air Transport Development Indicators " contains the whole industry and airlines , airport transport indicators ; " general aviation development indicators "included in the general aviation industry-wide targets and the amount of project operations ; " efficiency indicators "included aviation enterprise financial income , flight three other indicators of effectiveness and aircraft utilization ; " aviation safety and service quality evaluation index "included flight safety indicators airlines and airports normal rate of release of the normal rate indicator and passenger complaints ; "historical development indicators " included industry-wide air transport, general aviation , airports and other transport indicators of historical data ; " World Airlines" excerpts of the International civil Aviation 2011 organization Annual Report the world air transport turnover on the content and the International Air Transport Association announced the top 50 member airlines and other content to sit yield ; "Appendix" contains CAA administration system, and with the development of civil aviation regulations relevant directory the national statistical indicators . The book national statistics do not include China's Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Region and Taiwan . This book in the editing process, get a CAA organs and departments of the strong support and assistance , to express my gratitude. If improper or wrong, please readers criticized the correction.
Statistical Data on Civil Aviation of China 2013