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A Brief History of High-Speed Rail
ISBN: 9787564369439 | Published on 07/2019

A Chinese-English Bilingual Introduction to Ba Culture
ISBN: 9787564394264 | Published on 08/2023

A Practical Coursebook on English-Chinese and Chinese-English Translation (Second Edition)
ISBN: 9787564381943 | Published on 09/2021

Advances in Edge & Fog Computing Research and Application
ISBN: 9787564366506 | Published on 12/2018
The main goalof this book is sharing the recent achievements of Edge & Fog Computing inour lab. It contains three parts. In the first part, we...

ISBN: 9787564384784 | Published on 01/2022

Bridge Engineering Fundamentals and Practices
ISBN: 9787564380274 | Published on 05/2021
This is an introductory textbook on modern bridge engineering. The objectives of the text are to provide students and practicing engineers an...

CAM and Numerical Control Programming
ISBN: 9787564348434 | Published on 08/2016

Capacity Allocation and Route Robust Optimization of the Demand-responsive Rural Passenger Transport System-Taking Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture as an Example
ISBN: 9787564384227 | Published on 05/2022
Since the reform and opening up, road passenger transport industry in China has been developed rapidly, which greatly facilitates the people...

Carbon Emission Calculation Methods for Highway Tunnel Construction
ISBN: 9787564382643 | Published on 09/2021
This book introduces the research background and significance of carbon emissions in the tunnel industry and systematically reviewed the research...

Chinese for special purposes: Railway Chinese 1
ISBN: 9787564363109 | Published on 08/2018 | Series: Railway Chinese

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