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Humorous Mini-Stories in English and Chinese
ISBN: 9787544619691 | Published on 03/2011

An English-Chinese Chinese-English Glossary of Literature
ISBN: 9787544637886 | Published on 11/2014

Anecdotes About The ZhongqiuFestivals
ISBN: 9787544610445,7544610446 | Published on 09/2008 | Series: Anecdotes About Chinese Festivals

An Advanced Course of Interpretation (4th Edition) with MP3
ISBN: 9787544624138 | Published on 10/2011

The Peony Pavilion
ISBN: 7810468391, 9787810468398 | Published on 09/2000 | Reviews:
By the end of the twentieth century, the theater-goers of the world have been enchant- ed by the famous Chinese play The Peony Pavilion by Tang...

Famous Chinese Sayings
ISBN: 754460988X,9787544609883 | Published on 09/2008

Selected Poems of Chu Yuan
ISBN: 9787544604598 | Published on 09/2007
Chu Yuan and His Works; Chu Yuan's Thought and Poetry; Chu Yuan's Position in China's History and the World's:His Adorers,Imitators...

An English-Chinese Dictionary of Anglo-American Law Terms
ISBN: 9787544637275 | Published on 10/2014

A 21st Century Course of Chinese as a Foreign Language: Integrated Course Vol.1
ISBN: 9787544611947 | Published on 02/2009 | Series: A 21st Century Course of Chinese as a Foreign Language

Anecodtes About the Duanwu Festival
ISBN: 7544608816,9787544608817 | Published on 06/2008 | Series: Anecdotes About Chinese Festivals

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