Research on International Chinese Education Vol. 3

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Level: Chinese Teachers (TCSL), 汉语研究者

This book is divided into three parts. The first researches on the concept innovation and development strategies of international Chinese education, focusing on the macroscopic development plan. The second studies the methods and models of international Chinese education, focusing on the teaching methodology. The third deals with the textbook design of international Chinese education, including relevant research regarding the development of teaching materials for international Chinese education. Drawing new thoughts, ideas and instructional strategies from various subjects, such as teaching of pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, discourse and culture, second language acquisition, and teacher development, the papers included are of great academic value and are a good guide for teachers.

About the Author
Guo Peng, a professor and postgraduate tutor, is currently the executive deputy dean of the Graduate School of Beijing Language and Culture University. Prof. Guo’s research focuses on ancient Chinese literature, ancient literary theory, teaching Chinese as a foreign language, and Chinese culture. In 2002 Guo won a University Young Teachers’ Award granted by the Fok Ying Tung Foundation of Ministry of Education. He is the chief compiler of Research on International Chinese Education and has published several academic books including The Poetry Spirit and the Essay Form: On the Idea of ‘Writing Poetry in the Form of Essay’ during Northern Song Dynasty and Su Shi, Su Family Poets and Their Poems.

Shen Shuying is an associate professor and a postgraduate tutor in Beijing Language and Culture University who has engaged in the teaching and research of Chinese as a foreign language for many years and is devoted to the research on business Chinese teaching, international Chinese education and CFL textbooks. Ms. Shen has directed a Humanities and Social Sciences Planning Fund Project of the Ministry of Education. Her works include several dozen papers published in key Chinese journals, including “The Orientation of Integrated Business Chinese Course”, “A Few Thoughts on the Development of Confucius Institutes: From the Perspective of the Chinese Culture ‘Going Global’”, CFL textbooks such as The Word Syllabus of Business Chinese for Undergraduate Education and Business Chinese: Advanced Reading (of Erya Chinese series), and the academic book CFL Textbooks: Theory and Practice, etc.

Table of Contents
汉语国际教育理念创新与发展战略研究 靳卫卫 在机遇与挑战中持续发展

吴平 教师发展与教师焦虑--基于国内对外汉语专职教师发展的研究

高桥强 北京语言大学与创价大学的"1+2+1"方式合作培养本科生工作的现状与未来

刘谦功 试论美育在汉语国际教育中的重要性

陈晨 语篇理念与汉语作为第二语言教学

郭姝慧 母语非汉语的本土化汉语师资培养探索--以北京语言大学汉语教学方向来华本科留学生为例

闻亭 论第二语言教学法的多元化、综合化发展趋势

何洁 美国大学汉语教学的观察与思考--以美国南卡罗来纳大学中文项目为例 张晗 新中国对外汉语政策发展刍论


方环海 谭单 对外汉语词汇的"三维"教学观

鹿钦佞 姚远 汉语书面语教学阶段词汇教学的基本原则

王锐 学习的风格和策略与第二语言听力教学

Research on International Chinese Education Vol. 3