Renmin University Law Review (2016)

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Language: English
Format: 22.6 x 16.8 x 1.2 cm
Page: 207
Publication Date: 07/2017
ISBN: 9787519710699,7519710696
Publisher: China Law Press
Table of Contents
Legal Intuition and Social Scientific Legal Formalism
Discussion on Constitutional Deliberation
The Separation of Public and Private Sectors and Re—amendment of the"Constitution of People's Republic of China"
Theoretical Reconstruction of Personal Dangerousness and Death Penalty Control—Further Investigation with the Actor as the Center
On the EU Policing Cooperation with a Critical View:based on l'acquis de Schengen
Disenchantment of Putonghua Promotion: With the Notice of State Administration of Press,Publication,Radio,Film and Television as Research Object
Legal Research on Intellectual Property Pledge Financing of High—tech Small and Medium—sized Enterprises
Metaphysics and the Thin Theory in the Comparative Studies of Confucians Political Philosophy:On Two Problems of New Mission of an Old State
Confuciarusm,Metaphysics,Political Philosophy and Law
Comment on Metaphysics and Ihinning Iheory in the Comparative Srudy of Confucian Political Philosophy—Discussron on Two Problems in New Theory of Old Country by Huang Xiang
Notice to Contributor from the RULR
Renmin University Law Review (2016)