Prosodic Studies of Chinese Trisyllables

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This book gives a systematic introduction to the relevant researches on the prosodic aspects of Chinese trisyllables, including the prosodic features of the foot, prosodic forms, syntactic and morphological functions, historical origin, literary properties, stress and stylistic properties, etc. It introduces the academic background, analyzes academic findings and deals with some historical problems, covering the past, present and future of the prosodic studies of Chinese trisyllables.

About the Author
Cui Sixing, BLCU PhD in linguistics and applied linguistics, is an associate professor in the School of Language and Literature of Central China Normal University whose research focuses on Chinese prosodic grammar, especially the prosodic phenomena of Chinese trisyllables and the stress and accent in Chinese reduplicated forms. Dr. Cui has hosted a research program sponsored by China’s Ministry of Education and has published a number of papers in domestic and overseas journals.
Prosodic Studies of Chinese Trisyllables