Practical Chinese for English Speakers (I,II)

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Author: Meng Cong; Wu Dean;
Language: Chinese & English
Format: 2 Books
Page: 260;270
Publication Date: 07/2004
ISBN: 7301059965
Publisher: Peking University Press

The main focus of Practical Chinese for English Speakers involves daily life topics: exchanging money, eating at a restaurant, bargaining at the local market, taking a bus or taxi, and getting a haircut.


English speakers who are living or visiting China are especially concerned with practical communication.


This book provides practical topics and lessons which are especially relevant to daily life in China. Each volume has 10 lessons and each lesson has 10 sections: Key Expressions, Dialogues, New Words, English Translation of Dialogues, Pronunciation and Grammar Notes, Sentence Patterns, Exercises, Cultural Notes, Learning Radicals, and a Chinese character Practice Sheet.

Practical Chinese for English Speakers (I,II)