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The Newly-Selected Sixteen Sights of Beijing
ISBN: 7508532 | Published on 10/2010

Thirty Years Since the Opening : Up in China Chianges in Growthmode, Structure and System
ISBN: 9787010083032 | Published on 10/2009
China's reform and opening up has been carried out for 30 years. It hasresulted in extensive and profound influences. This book was written to...
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User Manual of General and Standard Chinese Characters (Tongyong Guifan Hanzibiao Shiyong Shouce)
ISBN: 9787010102818, 7010102813 | Published on 08/2013
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Why is China's Reform and Opening-Up Successful?
ISBN: 9787010216126 | Published on 05/2020

Zhu Rongji meets the press
ISBN: 7010103356,9787010103358 | Published on 03/2012

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