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Masters of Chinese Medicine: Zhao Xi-wu Experience in Pattern Differentiation
ISBN: 9787117102254 | Published on 11/2008
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The Clinical Practice of Chinese Medicine: Acne & Alopecie
ISBN: 9787117098885 | Published on 11/2008 | Reviews:
This well-organized and comprehensive clinical series is characterized by important diseases by providing detailed western disease information and...

International Standard Library of Chinese Medicine (2nd Edition): Yang Style Tai Ji Quan (with DVD)
ISBN: 9787117286435 | Published on 03/2020 | Series: International Standard Library of Chinese Medicine (2 Edition)

A Concise Chinese-English Dictionary of Yellow Emperor's Canon of Medicine
ISBN: 7117132620, 9787117132626 | Published on 12/2011

The Treatment of PTSD with Chinese Medicine - An Integrative Approach
ISBN: 9787117123587 | Published on 02/2010

Obesite Diagnostic Et Traitement En Medecine Traditionnelle Chinoise
ISBN: 9787117313469 | Published on 02/2022

Qi Mugwort Moxibustion to Treat 100 Diseases
ISBN: 9787117297004 | Published on 05/2020

TCM Case Studies: Autoimmune Disease
ISBN: 9787117188845 | Published on 08/2014
Autoimmune disease refers to illnesses that occur when body tissues are attacked by its own immune system. Common autoimmune diseases include...

Essentials for Clinical Practice with Traditional Chines Medicine
ISBN: 9787117202763 | Published on 06/2015
Essentials for Clinical Practice with Traditional Chinese Medicine is compiled by TCM experts and professional physicians from nine universities or...

Pediatric Neuroimaging: Cases and Illustrations
ISBN: 9787117342209 | Published on 12/2022
This book aims to provide readers practical information on clinical diagnosis of pediatric neurological diseases. Topic areas include congenital...

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