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Kuaile Hanyu Elementary: Livre de l'eleve (French Version)
ISBN: 9787107220098 | Published on 06/2009 | Series: Kuaile Hanyu French Version

Learn Chinese with Me Vol 1: Workbook
ISBN: 9787107170867 | Published on 11/2003 | Series: LEARN CHINESE WITH ME | Reviews:
In accordance with “Learn Chinese with Me” Student's Book 1, this workbook is mainly designed for homework, but the teacher can also...

BCT Standard Course 3
ISBN: 9787107307928 | Published on 01/2016 | Series: BCT Standard Course
This is BCT Standard Course Volume 3. BCT Standard Course is the combination of a general language course for Chinese students who combines the...

Learn Chinese with Me Workbook (Nepali Edition)
ISBN: 9787107231087 | Published on 03/2011 | Series: Learn Chinese with Me (Nepali Edition)

Happy Chinese (Chinese for GCSE, Kuaile Hanyu) Volume 1 - Teacher's Book
ISBN: 9787107171314 | Published on 01/2010 | Series: Happy Chinese | Reviews:

Happy Chinese (Chinese for GCSE, Kuaile Hanyu) Volume 3 - Flash Cards
ISBN: 9787107173998 | Published on 08/2007 | Series: Happy Chinese
93 cards of Chinese words accompanying the Happy Chinese (Kuaile Hanyu) 2. In simplified Chinese and pinyin.

Happy Chinese (Kuaile Hanyu) (German version) Teacher's Book For Beginner
ISBN: 9787107219993 | Published on 08/2009 | Series: Happy Chinese (German Edition)

Happy Chinese (Kuaile Hanyu) For Beginners Workbook
ISBN: 9787107223488 | Published on 01/2010
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Kuaile Hanyu Elementary: Manuel d'exericices (French Version)
ISBN: 9787107220104 | Published on 06/2009 | Series: Kuaile Hanyu French Version

HSK Test Syllabus (2015) Level 4
ISBN: 9787107304217 | Published on 09/2015 | Series: HSK Test Syllabus (2015)

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Founded in 1950, the People's Education Press (PEP) is a specialized publishing house directly under the leadership of the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China. It undertakes overall tasks of researching, compiling, publishing, and distributing teaching materials for elementary education, and various other textbooks and educational books.