People First: Report on Relocation for South-to-North Water Diversion Project of China

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Table of Contents
I Am the Descendent of Migrants 
Part I The Country of Rivers 
Chapter 1 River Disasters 
Rivers in My Home 
Drought Disasters in the History of China 
Imbalanced Water Distribution 
Sandstorms Blowing Southwards 
Praying for Rainfall 
Floods along the Yangtze River 
Confluence of the Han and Dan Rivers 
Chapter 2 Dream of Rivers 
Mao Zedong's Thoughts on Rivers 
Danjiangkou Water Conservancy Project 
Dreams and Actions 
The County Most Affected by Relocation 
Chapter 3 Descendants of Rivers 
The First Sight of the Yellow River 
Weeping Han and Dan Rivers 
Where Are the Homes for the Migrants? 
Chapter 4 Dwelling by Rivers 
Relocation to Dachaihu 
A New Home 
A Major Challenge 
Part II En Route 
Chapter 5 Relocation of Migrants 
Focus of State Leadership 
Settle the Issue of Relocation in a Single Move 
Offering Hope to Migrants 
Follow—up on Relocation 
Chapter 6 Past and Present of New Policies on Relocation 
Instructions by the Minister of Water Resources 
Urgent! Revision to the Regulations 
Features of Revised Regulations on Relocations 
Preferential Policies for Migrants 
Higher Standards of Compensation for Relocation 
Chapter 7 Prelude to the Great Relocation 
Preparations for Relocation 
Part III Great Relocation 
Chapter 8 Mission for the Central Plain 
Finishing a Four—year Program within Two Years 
Issuing the Program 
Eight Measures 
Chapter 9 The Charms of Hubei Province 
Entering Huanghu 
A Major Issue 
Hubei Model 
Part IV Soul and Flesh 
Part VI A Home of the Heart 
Epilogue: Return to Home
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I paid visits to my home town after I left the village, I was told by the villagers that the stream had run out of water and drinking water had to be obtained from a deep well dozens of kilometers away via a plastic pipe. 
Over hundreds of years, the stream had been nourishing the plants and the local residents. When the area was struck by a drought, it gave up its last drop of water before it totally disappeared. Yet, I believe that the stream will never dry up. Like the grass, it will re-emerge in spring. 
When I started middle school in Zijingguan Town, I saw Juma River. 
Juma River, the main stream of Daqing River, originates in Laiyuan and flows through Zijingguan in Yi County of Hebei, Yesanpo in Laishui County of Hebei, and Shidu in Fangshan District of Beijing. Then it splits into South Juma River and North Juma River in Zhangfang. North Juma River flows through Zhuozhou and into Liuli River, and is known as Baigou River in Gaobeidian City. South Juma River flows through Laishui County and Dingxing County into Yishui River. Then it merges with Baigou River into Daqing River, which flows into Haihe River and finally into the Bohai Sea. 
While I was working in the county town, I became familiar with Yishui River. The river originates in the mountainous area in the northwest and becomes serene and quiet when it flows through the county town. The fields along the river are idyllic and picturesque. The river is also famous for the verse: The wind blows strongly over the Yishui River and the assassin may never return from his mission."
People First: Report on Relocation for South-to-North Water Diversion Project of China