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Structures of Mandarin Chinese for Speakers of English I
ISBN: 7301179715,9787301179710 | Published on 11/2010 | Series: Structures of Mandarin Chinese for Speakers of English
《中文语法快易通:句型结构1》针对母语为英语的汉语学习者,也可作为汉语教师的教学参考书。全书采用英汉双语,注重母语为英语学习者的学习特点和问题, 以句型结构为主,配以简单易懂的例句和注释。例句还配有拼音,便于学生阅读。每一个语法点都配有练习,每章还有综合练习。语法点的练习以机械性练习为主,...

Reading Newspapers, Learning Chinese - A Course in Reading Chinese Newspapers and Periodicals (New Edition): Intermediate I
ISBN: 9787301256442 | Published on 10/2015 | Series: Reading Newspapers,Learning Chinese - A Course in Reading Chinese Newspapers and Periodicals (New Edition)

Questions and Answers: A Course of Speed-up Oral Chinese for Beginners (2nd edition with CD) (Chinese-English, Chinese-French)
ISBN: 730109809X, 9787301098097 | Published on 03/2006
FOREWORD For the sake of helping foreigners learn “practical” Chinese in the shortest time, we have investigated what they are most eager...
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I Love Learning Chinese Vol 1: Poor Anna
ISBN: 7301081979 | Published on 10/2006 | Series: I Love Learning Chinese Reading
Available on
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Understanding China: Advanced Chinese
ISBN: 9787301242117 | Published on 09/2014
《理解中国:高级汉语教程》为美国哥伦比亚大学系列汉语教材第三册,可以供美国来华暑期班使用。选材涉及中国人衣食住行及各种新生活观念、新社会现象,语料真实,贴近时代生活。本教材内容在美国哥伦比亚大学及其暑期班中已经过长时间试用。   Editor's Recommendation...

Let's Sing Mandarin 3
ISBN: 9787301316627 | Published on 10/2020 | Series: Let's Sing Mandarin

My Little Chinese Story Books (36) My Birthday Party (with 1 CD)
ISBN: 9787301170595 | Published on 05/2010 | Series: My Little Chinese Story Books
My Little Chinese Story Books Series is comprised of 40 books. Series 1 contains volume 1 - volume 20; series 2 contains volume 21 - volume 40. Each...

Chinese Breeze Graded Reader Series: Level 1: 300 Word Level: Left and Right: The Conjoined Brothers (with 1 MP3)
ISBN: 9787301137130 | Published on 05/2008 | Series: Chinese Breeze Graded Reader Series | Reviews:
2nd edition available...
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Approaching China - Elementary Chinese (Traditional Chinese version)
ISBN: 9787301250211 | Published on 04/2015 | Series: Approaching China (Traditional Chinese) | Reviews:
This series is a three-level Mandarin Chinese course designed for beginners to advanced level students. Each unit is made up of four sections: text,...

I Love Learning Chinese (Specially Designed for Primary School) Vol 4 (with 1 CD)
ISBN: 9787301171233 | Published on 06/2010 | Series: I Love Learning Chinese: Specially Designed for Primary School

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Peking University Press (PUP) was founded in 1902 as the very first university press in China. Reestablished in 1979, it now is the comprehensive press at the national level. Sticking to the principle of“facilitating teaching and scientific research, assisting academic development and cultivating talented intellectuals,” PUP has been laying great emphasis on educational and academic publication. 
Based on the rich resources of the Peking University's talented faculty and with the support from the foreign scholars and experts all over the world, PUP has published and introduced a great amount of university textbooks, reference books and academic works, ranging from humanities, social and natural sciences, to information technologies. It has also compiled and reprinted many important ancient and rare books. Academic journals, audio-visual and electronic products are among the PUP publication, too.